Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Are We There Yet? Day 2: A Welcome Distraction

Before I get to Day 2 of our moving story, let me show you what came today....

Remember the project I did several months ago for Mission Feeding and Life Outreach International? Well, they contacted me back in August (actually, the day my husband lost his job) to ask if they could use my story in their October newsletter, and of course I said a big, fat, "YES!" What an honor!

Well, today they sent me 10 copies of the newsletter and they did a great job on our "$30 for 30 Days" story. I couldn't find a link to the newsletter anywhere online, but I'll keep looking and post it if I find one. Here are some pics of the newsletter...

The Cover 

A full page! The story is called, 
"Mom Fights Hunger...$30 for 30 Days"

Cute pic (sorry it's so small) of me and little G holding the big cheeseball container we used to collect donations for Mission Feeding and the children in Sudan.

How exciting it was to get that little surprise in the mail! I can't wait to do more projects for them...Life is such a tremendous force for good in this world! Love them!

Today I was supposed to pack (again) and I didn't pack a single thing (again).

Sooner or later I will.

I mean, the day will come when I have to hand the keys to this place over to the new owners and I'm sure they won't want all my junk in their house. The boxes will get packed, but for now, I'm happy that they're not.

Especially when my husband takes me out on an all day date! Now that's a welcome distraction!

We've needed some time alone together and today we got it! We drove to Cincinnati to see what all the fuss was about with IKEA. Well, let me just tell ya...IKEA IS THE BOMB!!! It lives up to the hype ya'll!

I could spend all day in that store! Everything is just so functional and so well put together and beautiful! Never mind that I couldn't pronounce any of the names of the products (I don't speak Swedish), but were they ever amazing! And the prices? They are so affordable!

Affordable function. What a nifty idea! I really believe we may be doing some ordering from IKEA for our new house! Can't wait!!!

We also went to the Florence Mall in Florence, Kentucky. At the food court there was a restaurant I've never seen before called "Pholicious" and they serve "pho" (pronounced "fa"), which is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup made with rice noodles, a flavorful broth, meat of some sort and various vegetables and herbs. So, after just coming in from the rain, I just had to try some and it was amazing! So flavorful, warming and refreshing all a the same time. I wish EVERY mall in America had this healthy choice in their food courts! It was yummy!

So, no boxes packed, but my husband and I did get to spend an entire day together discovering new things and just enjoying looking forward to the future together.

Much better than packing, I would have to say. :)

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