Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking for a Summer Service Project?

I hate to admit this, but when a tv show with one of those televagelists is all "feed the children," I usually turn the TV off, or switch channels.

I mean, I watch Life Today with James and Betty Robison on Wednesdays when it's the bubbly and encouraging Beth Moore teaching. She's amazing. I learn a lot and she's so uplifting!

But when they start talking about the starving children? That's depressing. I just don't like seeing it, ya know? It's just too hard to look at.

But Beth Moore, right there on the Life Today show said,
"Kindness is willing to look in the face of the hurting." I've heard her say that she considers it a GIFT to have gotten to look into the eyes of hurting mothers holding their dying babies. She has said she wouldn't have missed that for the world!

Ouch...and I'm too chicken to even watch them on tv? So, I must not be as kind and compassionate as I thought I was, or at the very least it means that I'm not very willing to make myself uncomfortable. Which is pretty shallow.

 All of this leads me to the clues I've been giving you this week about something exciting that I believe the Lord has called me to do (and please stick with me and read to the end...).

The 1st one was, a big giant cheese ball container. The 2nd was a sign that read, "30 for 30." Both odd clues, but not nearly as odd as the circumstances leading up to the beginning of a crazy journey God is asking me to trust Him with.

As I set out to tell ya'll all about it, the post just became entirely too lengthy, and I know out in blog world, people don't take the time to read long posts. So, I've tried to scale it down and just get to the point.

And the point is that I was literally CRUSHED by this video a few months ago (don't NOT watch this's so moving!).

It changed me and left me really brokenhearted (maybe for the first time ever) for the poor and hungry.

                                                                          Photo taken from

As I watched, I literally bawled at the thought of mothers having to watch their children starve or drink dirty water, knowing they can't do anything about it.

I became angry with God, that He would break my heart over something I didn't have the means to help do anything about! I begged Him to bless me so that I could bless them monetarily, because at the time, prayer just didn't seem like enough.
Our budget is so stretched as it is though, how could I help?

But God asked me the simple question, "Could you believe Me for $1 a day for 30 days?" I was like, one dollar? Sure! I could go dig that out from the cushions of my couch if I wanted to. But why for 30 days? Why wouldn't you just ask me to write a check for the 30 dollars? It would be stretch for us, but we could certainly do that."

But I heard clearly that He wanted 30 days to show me what He could do.

He gave me a sign too, but telling you that story would take a LONG just trust me when I say, "I KNOW HE SPOKE THIS TO ME VERY SPECIFICALLY."

So, here I am, on the eve of June 1st and over the next 30 days, I'm going to believe God for one dollar a day, every day. If more comes in that day, I will give 100% of whatever comes in, but if it's no more than a dollar, then He still kept His end of the deal and I will be more than satisfied with that.

So, the "30 for 30" clue was $30 for 30 days and the cheese ball jar? That's what I'm going to be collecting the money in! haha
Little G and I decorated it with stickers and scrapbook materials and it's so cute (pics coming soon).

Look ya'll, I know this sounds crazy! 

If anyone even remotely gets how "weird" this is, it's ME!
I don't understand it. All I know is that the day I saw this video, everything in me ACHED to be able to help those people in the Sudan.
And when James Robison said that just $30 dollars could feed 3 PEOPLE FOR 3 MONTHS, I knew that to those 3 people, that $30 would mean EVERYTHING!

If at any time you would like to be my dollar for a particular day, I WOULD SO LOVE YOUR DOLLAR! That would be such a blessing!!!

But I was doing the math (which for me is a stretch! lol), and if I could get 33 other people to also commit $30, in addition to my $30, we could collectively send over $1,000 to help! WOWOWOWOW! Wouldn't that be incredible????!!!!
$1,000 would feed one hundred people for three months!

I'm not a televangelist, (although I do have the greatest respect for James and Betty. I believe they are the real deal). 

I'm just a housewife and a mom who had her heart broken for the poor and hungry in the Sudan, heard a call from God to take some action, is believing that He will do great and mighty things, and am risking by asking you, my friends, to join in and be a part of it. 

I can only do a little, but together, 
WE can do A LOT!!!

If you would like to donate $1 or $30 or $30 for each member of your family, or whatever, email me and I'll give you my mailing address. EVERY PENNY is going to Life Today's Mission Feeding program.

I will keep you posted each day on the stats and have some surprises for you along the way as well!

This is going to be so fun...GIVING ALWAYS IS!

I CAN'T WAIT to see what God does over the next 30 days!!!!



  1. Of course I would LOVE to help you!! On June 13th, which is the next time I do budget, I'll send you a check. E-mail me your address and I'll tape it to my bill file. I love your heart - you are such an encouragement and I can't wait to help. ♥

  2. Facebook me your address. Blessings <3 Rebekah


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