Friday, June 1, 2012

Day One and My First Dollar! Plus, A BIG Surprise!

So, today was the first day I was believing God for the dollar He promised me and I got it!

Here's the generous fella that gave and here's the "cheeseball jar" all redecorated for the occasion.

This is Scott, a friend of ours, visiting from Knoxville. 
He's a die-hard Tennessee Volunteer fan. 
I told him about what I was doing, and he couldn't get a dollar out of his pocket fast enough. 
How fitting. My first donation came from a true VOL!
Thank you so much Scott! You may not even know it, but Jesus is going to multiply that dollar and do amazing things with it! I'm so excited!!!

I also made a video for the person who made my day with the VERY FIRST comment, encouraging me and promising to help. I want to thank her for always sticking by me and cheering me on in whatever I'm doing, here and on facebook. We've never even met, but I would count her as a true friend. 
Thank you Beth from The imPerfect Housewife...this video is for you!

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  1. THANK YOUUUUU!! I feel like the one who's not doing anything but sending a check - you're the one taking action and getting things moving. You're so awesome - the song was beauuuutiful. ♥


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