Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day Two...Spare Change

Today God provided my dollar in the form of 4 quarters from the tray my husband empties the contents of his pockets into every evening when he comes home from work. Do you, perhaps, have spare change lying around  that you'd be willing to give in the next 30 days (well, nearly 27 now)?

Each day I'm asking Jesus to multiply my dollars the way He did the loaves and the fishes. He took little and made it great to FEED the multitudes. And isn't that what we are doing now? Taking what we have, offering it to Him and trusting Him to multiply it to feed hungry people. WOW! So awesome to get to be a part of this modern day miracle!

I'm so excited to tell ya'll about something on Monday, but for now, I'll just keep quiet because everything isn't in place yet.

See you tomorrow...Day 3 of 30. Woohoo!

*Email me to request my mailing address if you would like to donate. 

Thank you :)

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