Thursday, May 31, 2012

13 Things That Perk Me Up Instantly

When I'm feeling a little blue, here are a few things that brighten my mood in a flash (and most of them are calorie free!).

1. A delicious, ripe mango. 

They're a booger to peel and dice, but man are they good! Mmmmm.

2. Red lipstick 

I've been a fan of wearing red lipstick forever.
It makes me feel confident and pretty.
And my husband likes it on me, so I surprise him sometimes when I 
come out of the bathroom from doing my make-up, and have big red lips. 
He loves it.

3. My "faincy" red heels 

I hate walking in them, but I love putting them on and looking at them.

4. A spritz of my favorite perfume, "Coco" by Chanel

It's expensive, so I only buy a bottle every few years or so. 
To me, it smells luxurious.

5. Little giggles from this cutie pie

She and I were having a giggle-fest just last night. 
She brings me such joy and light!

6. Ben and Jerry's "Late Night Snack" Ice Cream

Have you tried this stuff? No? Then don't, because it's addictive!
It's vanilla bean ice cream, with a salty caramel swirl 
It's divine. Sweet, salty, creamy, cold, crunchy. 
Oh my gosh, I could eat it every day! (But I don't, just so we're clear.)

7. A Nice French manicure with big, fake nails

My poor, brittle nails do not tolerate acrylics very well, but I'm willing to suffer with thin, fragile nails for these. I only get fake nails a couple of times a year for an event 
or around the holidays, and my nails suffer the consequences. 
But while I do have them, they bring me a little joy every time I look down at my hands. 

8. Kisses from this sexy man

He's so dreamy. :)

9. Singing/ Performing

Ya'll know by now...singing's my fave.

10. A Fresh Pot of Coffee

Nothing gets me out of my sour, morning stupor like a fresh pot of hot coffee already made. If I just take a couple of minutes before I go to bed to set the "delay brew,"
it makes all the difference to my morning.

11. Getting a nice card in the mail

I'm not sure why we don't do this more. I guess we encourage one another via tweets and emails nowadays. But nothing puts a smile on my face like going out to the mail box, expecting depressing mail and finding "happy mail!" I also love getting a call from someone who experienced the same thrill as they went to their mailbox and received and unexpected card from me.
A card is such a sweet sentiment and lifts my spirits every time whether I'm giving or receiving.

12. A great haircut

Don't you just love a day at the salon getting the works?
A relaxing shampoo and condition, a great cut and my favorite, a GREAT blowout.
When I walk out of the salon with a shiny, bouncy new haircut, wow!
It just puts a spring in my step! 

13. Quiet...

We moms often don't get a lot of this, so sometimes we find ourselves craving just a few minutes of solace and quiet. Even as little as 10 minutes of silence can energize me tremendously.

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  1. LOVE this post!! I'm getting ready (well hopefully in the next week) to do a post about things that are "awesome" and this just brightened my day. My favorite - QUIET. And no, I haven't tried the ice cream but I sure do want to now! So fun - thanks for sharing ~ ♥


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