Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waiting Around

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted, so I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what's going on around our house.

And the answer is, NOT MUCH of anything really.

We're just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

Waiting for a job,

waiting for unemployment benefits in the meantime,

waiting for our house to close,

waiting to look around for another place to live,

waiting to be able to finish the book.

Just waiting.

Waiting is hard, isn't it?

I think it's just in our nature to want to "do," to want to "act." Nobody wants to WAIT.

But God often calls us to do just that.

And I've found over the years (because I'm STILL waiting, 20 years later, for a few of my own promises to come to pass), that it's not the "thing" we're waiting for God to do. The "thing," the "promise" is already done.

In my experience, I've had to wait because I'm the one in the way. God is working on me, getting me ready to receive what it is I'm so desperately waiting for.

And if I were being honest, I'd have to say that no, I haven't been ready to receive that promise He made to me so long ago. The "thing" was my focus for more years than I care to admit as I kept my eyes on "it" instead of on Jesus.

Just now, all these years later, I am starting to get that and I'm finally seeking God's Kingdom before my own selfish rule. If I never ever have that "thing" I so desperately want here on this earth, I'm satisfied with that because Jesus is so much better!

So what do you do in the meantime, while you're waiting?

You trust and relax.

There's nothing worse than feeling anxious and freaked out all the time because things just aren't happening fast enough. God will complete His work when the time is right and there's nothing we can do to speed it up or slow it down. I have found peace in my own helplessness.

God is God, and I am not...and I am sooooo okay with that.

So, if you need me, I'll just be waiting around. :)

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