Friday, September 14, 2012

Fresh Start, Fresh Decorating Palette

So much is changing so fast. 

Just three years ago, I was blogging about moving from our sweet little home in Tennessee. It doesn't seem like it's time to be shuffling off again, but that's just what we're doing. 

As you know, if you read this blog, my husband lost his job on August 3rd and hasn't had a paycheck since. It's been somewhat of a "sweet struggle." 

A "struggle", because of course, no one would ever wish to lose their job and their only source of income when they have a family to feed. 

But "sweet," because in the midst of the struggle, we've seen our heavenly Father so faithful...a SHOW OFF even!

There's still so much to tell you, but the time is not yet at hand to reveal the rest of our secrets. {wink}

Since our house sold, about a week ago, I've been daydreaming of what kind of house we will rent (we're not going to buy right away). I picture a sweet little Cape Cod style house, situated on hill, with a nice view. Of course, I have no idea what kind of house we'll get, seeing as how we don't even know where we'll be living!

Today I had a moving sale and got rid of ALL of my red, yellow, green, orange and plum. All the rugs, pictures, plates, nick-knacks and Autumn colored decor is gone. I'm anxious to make a fresh start with a fresh decorating palette. 

I asked the question a few months ago, "Why can't I have the home I want (when I posted inspiration pictures, here)?" And it turns out, I CAN! Maybe not the way I would have ever chosen to do it, but I AM getting a new home and brand new opportunities for changes for the better!

Here are a few more inspiration pics...

picture taken from The Green Connoisseur Blog

picture taken from Contemporary Style


  1. It's funny how our decorating tastes can change. I bought things awhile ago that seem ugly to me now, lol! I used to hate toile and now I love it and my sunroom curtains are toile.

    Sometimes a fresh new start can be fun, no matter the circumstances. Wherever you all are is home, and you will make a lovely home for your family!

  2. Those pics are beautiful but they are missing my kids shoes, socks turned inside out and tossed about, lego pieces all around, my work papers, my husband's collection of tennis shoes, and soooo much more! I look at those pictures on pinterest and wish I had a house that tidy and beautiful but in reality.. if I did... I certainly wouldn't have the wonderful life with my kids and my husband that God blessed me with. I'm sure God will provide something perfect for you - but remember, it's perfect because the family God created for you is there - not because it looks fancy enough for Pinterest. Love you!!! Good luck!


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