Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 18- What is Your Why?

A few years ago I learned from a good friend who is a successful entrepreneur the concept of "finding your why." Which just teaches you to get down to the real reason why you do the things you do. If your why is big enough, it will cause you to really work hard at whatever it is you're doing.

So, why am I doing this service project? What is the reason behind me stepping out of my comfort zone and working to raise money for folks I've never met, for an organization I've never worked with before? I could be filling the first weeks of my summer blogging about what an amazing time I'm having (seriously, this has been one of the most enjoyable summers on record!) and about the places I'm traveling to, or the yummy summer recipes I'm cooking up. Instead, I'm talking every day about giving to help starving children in the Sudan. Why? The real reason, for me, is discontentedness.

The day before the Lord spoke to me about believing Him for $30 for 30 days, I was lying on the couch with my husband having a discussion about being discontent with my life. That, while I was happy, I was missing something and needed to find out what it was. I just didn't feel like I was serving any purpose. I remember yelling out in frustration, "God, give me some purpose!" Then, the next day, He said, "Here ya go...have some purpose!" He turned my discontented, bored, sorry attitude into the desire to follow His lead and love the unlovable, feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty and remember the take action!

And what a ride it's been! Every day I wake up wondering what will be in my mailbox or show up on the website where people can donate. The encouraging emails, the facebook messages, the dollars from widows and checks from friends and family. It's all been incredible! Just today I received another $7 from Kathy who just wanted to donate a dollar for every day of her son's birth week because she was so thankful that he had food to eat everyday and that he was healthy and happy. Is that not amazing? I would never have learned such a lesson of thankfulness and gratitude if I had not been willing to step out of my discontent.

From lying on my bed, sobbing from hopelessness that I couldn't do anything to help those poor, hungry Sudanese families, to now having real hope that I, with the help of others, can make a difference, just blows my mind.

And there's still 2 weeks left to go. What can God do in two weeks? Last night, I dreamed an old boss of mine wrote a check for 6 million dollars! So hey, God, if that's a sign, just wanted to let ya know that my hands are open...if you want to place 6mil in them, I will gladly pass along every penny to help feed those children! Wouldn't that be incredible?

So that's my "why."
What is your "why?"

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