Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 16 and 17-His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Day 16- Woohoo! Wasn't sure where my dollar was coming from last night, but in the 11th hour (literally), a friend of mine, Linda, gave $2.00 online and then another friend, Cindy gave $30.00! The people of God came through and that thrilled my heart!

Day 17- I have a dollar in my pocket left over from some change I received after purchasing a fast food meal today. It's going in the jar!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, go here to read about my summer service project to raise money for Mission Feeding, which is working to feed hungry children in the Sudan.

We are now at the halfway point and God is proving faithful to provide my dollar each day! If He gives me more than that, it goes into the jar and I start all over the next day believing for a new dollar. I don't save the extras to provide for the next day. Each day I'm believing for a new, fresh miracle, just like manna from Heaven...and He's providing!

So, here are the current stats...

Received- $179.00!

Goal- $1,020


$30 Givers- 5 out of 33

Needed- 28 more

Dollars for the day needed- 14

Give online at
Or email at for my mailing address.

This song is for my cousin Deena, and my friends Linda, Cindy and Beth.
Thank you for giving so beautifully.

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