Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 14 and 15- My First Online Donation!

Day 14- I checked the mailbox and oh well, no dollar. I figured I'd have to start digging in the couch cushions because, as I mentioned yesterday, I've scraped together just about all the loose change I can find.

But a few minutes later, I checked facebook and my cousin Deena informed me that she donated $10 at my Ambassadors for Life site online! She was disappointed she couldn't do $30, but I let her know that $10 feeds one child in the Sudan for 3 whole months! That $10 means EVERYTHING to that child for those 3 months. So, my dollar today + 9 more were virtual! Too cool!

You can donate online too, just go here and click $30 for 30 Days and then the "donate" button on the left.

I can hardly wrap my mind around how this organization can really stretch that $10 to do so much, for 90 whole days, but they do. And to think, I just spent $10 today on ONE lunch for my daughter and myself.

                                                                                                       Photo from

Day 15- I have not received a dollar today online or in the mail, but the day's not over! My husband got paid today, maybe he will give, or maybe, in the next hour and a half (it's 10:30 pm now), someone will donate online, or maybe even come knocking at my door with a dollar in hand. Who knows? God is able to do anything! And He is faithful to keep His promise that there will be a dollar in that jar by midnight!

Thank you Deena and whoever my still unknown giver for tonight is, I will have a song for you and for another friend tomorrow (I'm still learning it!).
Have a great Friday night!

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