Friday, May 24, 2013

Using Whatcha Got

This morning I decided to take a walk.

Now, understand, I don't live in a typical neighborhood where there's safe streets and sidewalks. I live in an apartment and the only place to walk is basically a parking lot. The road that runs by our building is on the side of a mountain, is very winding, and there are a lot of blind curves for cars. So, there's no way I'm getting out there! 

But today I decided to quit complaining and quit looking at all the obstacles and just do something. The truth is, I need to exercise, so I found a way. 

I may not have a track or sidewalks or a neighborhood or a gym, but I do have a parking lot where my daughter can go with me. So I put on some tennis shoes and we walked in circles, around the parking lot for 20 minutes. It was actually kind of nice. There are some inclines, and a steep hill that goes up by the road, and you can even walk behind the apartments along the edge of the woods. It was so nice, I think I may even do it tomorrow!

So, the lesson was to not focus on what I can't do, but focus on what I can do. And what I can do is walk around the parking lot! 

My house is the only one with a wreath on the door...gotta keep it pretty!

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