Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cottage Apartment...An Epiphany!

Do you ever just get bogged down by options? I do. I am an "over-thinker" a lot of the time and will analyze more than take action.

This is an issue for me in the area of decorating.

I go to places like Ikea and see sophisticated, modern, sleek decor and think of myself in some fabulous high rise apartment in New York City (they're doing their job, huh?) and I want to buy everything from Ikea!

Then I go into an antique shop or a quaint bed and breakfast and seem to long for the things of a time gone by. The elegance and simplicity of the furnishings take me away to a Thomas Kinkade painting of a Victorian mansion with lace curtains on the open windows a piano in the corner and ornate velvet covered furnishings in every room.

Then I think to myself, "No, that's too fussy for me." If ya'll know anything about me, you know that I am the classic example of a Type B personality; laid back, chill, not in a hurry or rush to do things and I don't get too worked up if things aren't perfect or "right." In fact, I like things a little sloppy and imperfect (not everything...just some things).

But in the midst of my cluttered mind, I had an EPIPHANY!

In a basket, nice and neat, saved over many years, I saw a stack of magazines and books on decorating and I finally knew my style!!!!


Do I have even ONE book or magazine on modern design? NO

Do I have even ONE book or magazine or even ONE Thomas Kinkade painting in my home depicting the Victorian area and antiques? NO...not one.

But what do I have?

I have STACKS of books and magazines on country, cottage, shabby-chic style decorating. I have a big garbage bag full of hand embroidered vintage table clothes and table runners that I just can't bring myself to get rid of. I have lots of quilts and throw them all over everything! I love the messiness of a table or picture frame with chipped, shabby paint and have them all over the place.

I like "imperfection."

I like "casual".

I like "laid back."

I like "inviting."

And guess what? What was in front of me has reflected this the whole time! Why was I ever confused?

So, I'm going to get busy making this apartment of mine into a dream cottage!

Here are some inspirations....

THIS Thomas Kinkade cottage is more like it....

I LOVE me some turquoise! And I adore that rug. So pretty!

Mixing different colorful prints and piling on the pillows and quilts just says, "Come, sit a spell!" Oh, and I ADORE this rug too. But I probably wouldn't let anyone walk on it. ha!

I love me a cafe curtain!

Smaller scale pieces grouped closely together feels cozy and inviting. 

My favorite color palette again...turquoise and red. I love mixing stripes and florals.

Cottages love a pop of apple green! kind of sun porch. 

Fun colors and prints.


I'd love to snuggle up on that red checkered sofa with a cup of coffee and a good book. 

Stay tuned for the before and afters in my new decorating posts called, "Cottage Apartment!" I can't wait to get started!

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