Monday, May 27, 2013

Observing Memorial Day: "Making Your Home Sing" Meme

Today I'm linking up with my friend Nan's Monday meme, "Making Your Home Sing."  at "Mom's the Word."

Lots of you are probably observing Memorial Day, as we are. Later, I'm going to oblige my husband by allowing him cook me dinner for a change. Yay! Of course, cooking dinner means he's going to be using the grill. But that's all right with me. He can grill me up some steaks any time! His steaks and burgers are the best!

I'm really grateful that we have the freedom to enjoy our family and the fruit of our labors in relative peace. The world is an ugly place, but America is still the greatest nation in the world. We are not a perfect country and we have our dark spots as well, but there are still people, all over the globe who try, hand over fist to get here any way they can because they believe what we already know...that this is still the land of opportunity and America is a place where dreams can come true!

So, today, I'm making my home sing by saying a prayer for all of the armed forces who sacrifice their very lives to make our country safe and peaceful, and I'm teaching my daughter to do the same. This country is only as good as the next generation and we have to teach them the importance of gratitude and the sacrifices we all have to make for freedom.

How are you making your home sing on this Memorial Day?

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  1. I love that you are passing these values down to your daughter.

    When my kids were younger we would take them to parades and they'd see the veterans march. Many times my dad was one of the veterans who was marching.

    The kids loved seeing their grandpa march but it also gave us the opportunity to explain WHY he was marching and why we all were clapping for him and they other veterans, as our way of showing respect and saying thank you.

    Thanks so much for linking up with "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"


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