Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Want You to be CHUBBY!

Since moving to this new apartment with 3 floors, I have had some serious problems with my knees. After going up and down stairs a million times a day, they really hurt. Not to mention, I'm completely exhausted by 3 pm.

We're either going to have to move again soon to a single level home (really hate moving) or I'm going to have to just conquer the real reason why these stairs bother me so much.

I need to lose weight, and that's that.

So, I was talking to my daughter about my knees hurting and how carrying around a lot of weight is bad on your bones and your joints. I told her that I was going to get skinnier and I wouldn't have so many aches and pains and I would have more energy to play with her.

Well, she had a meltdown! 

She got really upset at the thoughts of having a "skinny mommy." 

It was so cute and I'm so glad I caught it on video.

Check it out....

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  1. She made my heart precious. I will be praying for your Christ increases, you decrease..more of Him and less of you...and your fluffiness. LOL..that was just too funny..and I will pray for her heart and mind to experience peace through the transformation as you become a whole and healthy mama...


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