Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is There Anything Dirtier Than a Thief?!

Around my area, there have been a rash of thefts going around. Luckily, I've spent most of my life naive to this, because I had not experienced thievery in my circles. But in the past few years, I have. And it infuriates me!

My sweet little grandmother had her wallet stolen right out of her purse in a Kmart by a lady that had chatted her up. When my grandmother turned her head, the lady snatched it and took off.

My uncle and aunt had some Christmas gifts stolen one night from their parked car, right outside their bedroom window. And their neighbor had their truck stolen. It was later found; trashed of course.

The hotel that my husband will be managing soon, is under construction. And twice in one week, thieves came in and stole 2 large rolls of copper wiring. This theft cost upwards of $10,000 and set construction back 2-3 weeks. The thieves also took a crowbar to a brand new, electronic-type door and destroyed it. That door alone will cost $15,000 to replace. They had to hire security guards which was an additional expense for the company and now everyone is on edge, worrying about what could happen next!

We had our bank account wiped out by identity thieves in Mexico and I've had my car broken into a couple of times as well. I didn't find anything missing, but just knowing that some stranger had the nerve to open up my car and rifle through my belongings was extremely unnerving and unsettling!

Thieves are the lowest of the low in my opinion (well, right down there with people who abuse children). They don't just take our stuff...stuff can be replaced. But what thieves take are things not so easily replaced. They snatch our peace. They swipe our good faith in people. They take away our sense of security. And what they leave behind is fear, resentment, bitterness, and a preoccupation with having to always be careful, instead of feeling just free to go about your life. They are thoughtless, selfish, underhanded liars who creep around dark corners or mislead trusting little old ladies in broad daylight. They ruin lives and take things they didn't earn. All for what? A buck? A thrill?

But while I can't stand a dirty thief, it occurred to me today that Jesus actually hung on a cross between two of them. My perfect, sinless Jesus placed himself between the lowest of the low and died right along side them. What does that say about Jesus? What does that say about me? I think it says that His grace is boundless and mine is limited (among other things). I know it says that His love and mercy is for EVERYONE. And even with His last few dying breaths, He was still trying to win the lost. So often, I place people into categories and put up my walls, when Jesus bids ALL to come.


Instead of freely giving of the love of Jesus to ALL, I often steal it away and hoard it for myself, or for those I deem worthy enough to have it. And that theft could mean someone's eternity...something that cannot be replaced.

My question was, "Is there anything dirtier than a thief?" But I think the answer is, "Compared to Jesus, is there anyone dirtier than me?" And the answer is no....there isn't.

Thank you, sweet, precious Jesus for your sacrifice and for your example. Forgive me for withholding Your love. Help me, the chiefest of sinners, to share freely with ALL.

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