Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Fun 2012!

This post is a few weeks late, but my baby girl is just too cute not to share! :)

Little G fell in love with a sweet little bunny costume at the Halloween store. She said it was a "Snuffy" costume. Snuff is her very favorite stuffed animal that she carries around everywhere. She spotted Snuff at a yard sale and just had to have her. The name Snuffy came right away and has stuck for 2 years now. 

Snuff is a cutie!

And so is G...

The costume is a one piece dress with a fluffy, pink polka dot ballerina skirt. It also came with ruffly pink leg warmers and of course, bunny ears. I painted a pink nose and pink circles on her cheeks to up the cuteness factor. 

Our Halloween started on Saturday at our church's Trunk or Treat event. The parking lot was PACKED with decorated cars, all handing out lots of candy! We only went through half of the line of "trunks" and still got two buckets full of candy.

And Halloween night, we visited a few houses around the neighborhood and had so much fun.

Knocking on your neighbors' doors and getting free candy? One of the few great pleasures in life! haha!

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