Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daddy, Daughter Date and Home Depot Craft

I saw online that Home Depot was offering a great craft for their monthly Kid's Workshops (first Saturday of every month) and I practically begged my husband to take the little one to go make it for me.

Well...and I thought it would be fun for them (of course).

And it was!

My husband took G to Chik-Fil-A for her favorite breakfast...chicken minis.

...and then to Home Depot to make my awesome craft. A super cute Thanksgiving turkey napkin holder. He said that he was really impressed with Home Depot and their kid's workshop program. It was PACKED OUT and they were out of the little orange Home Depot aprons, so my husband didn't let her paint much, but they accommodated everyone and had enough crafts and tools for all the kids. 
Don't you just love those little hammers? 

 Isn't she cute? She looks just like me! :)

I totally love it and hope to use it on my Thanksgiving table FOREVER!

And it wouldn't be a Daddy, daughter date in this family if it didn't involve some sort of music. 
So they made a quick stop at Guitar Center. She LOVES pink!

Looks like fun to me.

But not as fun as sleeping in and having a leisurely Saturday morning at home, ALONE..

That's what this mom thinks is fun. ;)

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