Monday, October 29, 2012

Rockin' the Red and Enjoying Autumn Fun

Today started out on a bad note...

So, I decided to perk up my mood.

Some ladies love a dangly earring, some love a great hairdo or a spritz of their favorite perfume.

But If you read this blog, you know that nothin' makes me happier than rockin' a punchy red lip! 

And it worked...

Red is definitely my color. 

It perked my mood right up!

And then I got silly...

Crazy eyes!

Scary smooch!

Which then put me int the mood to play around in the leaves with little G.

she calls this her "big smile..."

...and this is her "little smile..."

We chased each other around our neighbor's oak tree and had a ball 
throwing mounds of leaves on each other.

Such a great day!

This is what the fall is all about....

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