Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Need Your Help With a Subtitle For My New Book!

If you read my post yesterday, you saw that I announced that I'm about to release my first ever eBook!

I have some title ideas in mind, but haven't settled on anything.

My book is a 30 day devotional on faith which starts off each day with a promise scripture and then an application.

The book is called gofaith! (and green and blue are the colors I'm using).

I love the title! It's so positive and action oriented. It makes me want to "Go, in faith!"

But I need a subtitle. What's that?" You may be asking (Don't worry, I did too!). A subtitle is a "secondary or explanatory title."

What would be a good "subtitle" to go under my gofaith! title?
Keep in mind, it's a 30 day devotional on faith and the promises of God.

I need help! So, let me hear your creative ideas.

Anyone who leaves a comment with a subtitle idea will be entered to win a free download of my eBook when it's released at the end of the month!

I will choose 3 of the best ones and let you vote!
I can't wait to hear your brilliant ideas!!!


  1. Let go and let God or A 30 day Devotional of Faith and Promises.

  2. Moving mountains when going around them is not a choice.

  3. 30 Devotionals of Faith for a Lifetime of Devotion to God!

  4. When the going gets tough, goFaith!

    GoFaith! 30 devotionals for the directionally challenged.


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