Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cutting Costs Where We Can...

Savings are EVERYWHERE! Not only have I been couponing and seeing that if you know what to look for, you can get a lot of things at a deep discount or FREE, but I have been encouraged to seek deals elsewhere as well.

A gentleman in my networking group who is a State Farm agent mentioned that people are finding that State Farm is able to save them money, especially on auto insurance. We have been with Safeco for years and never thought we'd find a better rate for our auto insurance. But sure enough, the quote we got from State Farm will be $50 less a month, with $100,000 MORE in coverage! WOW!

We also started wondering why we were paying $120 a month for cable and internet when we were getting fliers in the mail saying that Direct TV was only $39 a month, with free additional cable boxes, free HD and just as many channels as we were currently getting with Time Warner Cable. They charge for HD (which my husband enjoys), only give us one cable box, charge extra for the package that includes Nick Jr. (which G enjoys) and the internet is pretty expensive too. I will be searching for a better provider there as well. My preference is, we do without TV altogether and use rabbit ears for FREE TV, but we are going to be saving a bunch so I can't complain too much! Also, my husband mentioned the other day that he was interested in seeing if we could get an even LOWER rate on our mortgage. So, I have another friend who is a mortgage broker who is going to check on that for me.

I would like to save BIG on heating costs this coming winter as well. I don't know about you guys, but I have a bad feeling about our economic future as a country. Call me a Henny Penney, but I don't think it's a bad thing to be cautious and prepared. I can't help but think that next winter is going to be even worse than this one with regards to heating bills. Our heating bill more than doubled and is STILL over $300! I am very interested in getting my fireplace going the old fashioned way...by burning wood to heat my home! We have a nice fireplace and all, but the previous owners put in a temporary gas line to large propane tank out back (not one of those giant ones) so that they could have fires for decoration I guess? But I want to remove that line and use the fireplace for burning wood again. I would like to add an insert with a blower so it could heat the entire house.

That would save on heating bills for sure.
But where to get fire wood?


  1. I am planning to start couponing to save. I use a few but not like I should! I need to save as much as possible and would like to find ways to save more!
    I am sure you can get wood for a fireplace delivered in the Lexington area. My sister lives in Lex. and she had some delivered this winter. Don't know the cost, tho, I can see if she has their name/# and message you on FB if you want me to.
    THANKS for the delicious brownies and cute card I won in your last give-away! My son is lovin' the brownies, and momma is, too!! Thank you!!!

  2. Be careful with the DirecTV! When we first got it 11 years ago it was $21 a month. That same package has now climbed to over $65 a month! I would get rid of it altogether but we can't get all of the free channels on our tv. Where we live we can't get cable either. We are considering Dish but I figure they will do us the same way as DirecTV!

    We are truly blessed in the heating of the house. We have free gas because we have a gas well on our property. I have a fireplace with gas logs that I keep running all the time. It heats the entire house no problem at all and it cost me nothing!

  3. Angie..We have Insight and pay $94 bucks a month for cable and internet. That's also with a $10 extra package for Sports. You should call them if you can get it where you live. They have great deals that last for a year and then you can call and get another deal when yours runs out!


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