Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taking a Deep Breath...

I've got so much on my plate and on my mind that I feel like I'm paralyzed instead of invigorated. When I get like this, it's hard for me to even think . My mind feels cluttered and I can't focus on anything, let alone actually get something accomplished!

My pastor said something the other day that stuck with me that went something like this, "Satan pushes you, Jesus leads you." I feel rather "pushed" lately. And anytime you feel condemnation or guilt, it's not of God, but from your enemy. And I recognize this for me right now. I'm feeling so much pressure to do so many things that I'm not used to doing and I'm not allowing myself to acclimate slowly. I'm stopping this madness NOW.

This week, I am only doing things that I want to do and nothing more. And that doesn't mean laying on the couch eating bonbons either. I can't think of anything worse actually!

I want to turn on the radio in the morning, make a cup of coffee, pray, sing, read a little and be productive around the house.
I want to play with my daughter.
I want to do a little business, make some phone calls, reconnect with some folks and send some cards.
I want to have a hot dinner waiting for my husband when he comes home.
I want to fold clothes and get my laundry room organized.
I want to take 15 minutes a day this week and declutter my spare bedroom.

I do not want to be on the road every day this week. Gas is expensive, I want to be home and save money.
I do not want to do anything I don't want to do.
I do not want to complicate my life this week.

So here is my tentative schedule for the week, minus a few appointments I have....

Not going to go to my life group meeting, but am going to take the morning and get a running start on getting my home in order.
10-12am Work on tutoring paperwork and lesson plans.
12-2pm Put dinner together, shower, get G and myself ready to go
3-7pm Tutoring
10-10:30pm Listen in to team call for my business (can't wait to hear Jordan talk about his experience at the Oscar's tonight!)

8-9:30am Business networking meeting
9:30-10:30 Coffee with a member of our group
Rest of the day, work on folding and putting away the laundry

More of the same...working around the house.
3-4pm Tutoring
Home the rest of the evening

Home all day

Home during the day
6:30-9:00 Group practice

Church @ 6

Coupon work
Lesson planning

I hope that getting my house in order FIRST will then allow me to feel a little less flustered and cluttered and I can get back to some other important things. But first things first. If my house isn't in order, nothing will be.


  1. Oh Girl I feel ya!! You were a blessing to me today just by reading your post. Thanks for your honesty.
    I feel like I'm sinking and being pulled in so many directions. My house is quickly going under and I am overwhelmed. I'll be praying for you. Please pray for me too. Love you girl.


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