Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Brand New FUN, Christ-Centrered Online Magazine for Women!

I'm so excited to help spread the word about the launch of Transformed Magazine! An online forum, birthed from the desire to give women a positive, Christ centered resource. The creators felt that instead of women reading a magazine that left them feeling fat, ugly and like they didn't measure up, they would create something that felt more like a community of women who could inspire and uplift each other, while also helping them to become more aware.

I LOVE the "Justice" section of the magazine, which highlights issues around the world that are not often addressed. For instance, Transformed brings awareness to a ministry called A21 and a cause near and dear to my own heart, which is sexual slavery and human trafficking. A21 works to free women in the billion dollar sex slave industry all over the world. Did you know that human trafficking is the 2nd largest network of organized crime in the world? I mean, the commodity they are dealing in are flesh and blood human beings! This disgusts me to the core. It's so amazing to know that there are organizations on the front lines helping to bring an end to this evil! But I digress...back to the magazine. 

In addition to making us more aware of the serious issues, they talk about the things that we girls love, beauty, recipes, even sex! But not the "Cosmo way," God's way! 

It's a great resource and will be a refreshing read when you have some time to yourself. I am also honored to say that I know the founder and creator of this magazine, 

Jamie-Lea Drury, one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, with an adorable little son and talented husband. They are a beautiful family and are such a blessing to me and to our church. I'm so proud of her and the work she's done, bringing us Transformed Magazine! Way to go Jamie-Lea for seeing the vision God gave you REALIZED! 

Keep up the good work and we'll keep reading.

Please go HERE to subscribe and support them!

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