Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fake it Till Ya Make It (at the grocery store)

So some of you may have read my rant on how sick I am of eating crappy food and how I yearn to shop at Whole Foods, throwing caution to the wind as to the gynormous prices. But alas, it is still just a dream....the shopping at Whole Foods thing. It's just NOT in the budget. But I am determined to add more fruits and veggies to our diet and eat more healthfully. So I have a plan! To fake it til I make it!!! Which leads me to.......

Drum Roll......


My friends (that includes you blog friends) say that this store is amazing and CHEAP on things like produce and meat. Now, I'm a little nervous about having to take my own grocery bags and only being able to use cash, but I'm gonna tough it out! What I'm looking to do is stock up on staples and try to eat more meals at home. I've been looking at my bank statements and have noticed that fast food is EATING THROUGH (no pun intended) our budget! This has to stop. Also, it's not helping my "get healthy" goals either! But it's my own fault. I just never have enough groceries in the house to make quick meals for me and my daughter during the day. So what do I can guess the rest!

So, I have to sacrifice my one stop shopping (Kroger), to try to save money and also get the things I want. So, that's where Aldi comes in. Now keep in mind, I've never been there before and I may hate it! But I'm going to give it a try and report back to you on how it went and if I saved any money!

Wish me luck!


  1. Aldi ROCKS!!! I love shopping there, they have really fresh produce at a great price!!!

  2. I think I've seen an Aldi in this part of the country, but have never been in one (at least not that I can recall). I would love to hear how it works out - especially having to use just cash. Maybe you can do a comparison shop somehow to let us see the difference in prices, etc. or something. Thanks for becoming a follower and I am now a new follower of yours as well. Have a great Monday! :o)


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