Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Side of ME (is it safe to say this stuff out loud?)

I've noticed lately that my blog has taken on some tough and sometimes controversial issues. Gays, sinners, the evils of Hamburger Helper, judgmental Christians, network marketing, OPRAH! ha!

And taking some of the stands that I've taken, I mean, putting out there what I really believe, isn't exactly safe. As a mom, a wife and a Christian, with a blog titled, "Happily Home," it's "safe" to display cute pictures of your baby and your husband and talk about the little projects you've got going on around your house, etc. Yeah...those are fun and pretty safe. And you know what else? Those posts get a LOT of comments (well, a lot by this meager blog's standards). Put the word "project" in your title and it seems like EVERYONE has something to say. So, I'm not sure why the other, seemingly more substantial, more important issues don't get a lot of response?

Maybe it's because some of my readers don't have an opinion, or they don't want to disagree so they don't post anything or maybe they're just afraid. I don't know the answer. Sometimes I think we just read blogs to get away from the heavy issues of life. Sometimes we want to have "jelly for brains" for a while and not think about ANYTHING and just look at pics of people's fall decorations! I know I do! And I totally get that.

But one thing you should know about me, if you haven't gleaned this already, is that I am VERY opinionated. I always have been and it's gotten me into trouble many times over the years! But I try to not to impose my opinions on someone just for the sake of me hearing how smart I sound (I hate when people do that). I really try to wait until I'm asked for it, or if I'm involved in a conversation already and giving my opinion is expected. I love those times! I love healthy debate and discussion!

So I just want you, my few and faithful blog friends to know another side of me so you're not surprised when you see titles about gays or network marketing or Jesus...because I have opinions on all those things and love that I have a blog on which I can share them! And I need you to stick with me even if I'm not posting adorable pics of my baby or showing you my latest crafty project. Because as women, there's so much more to us than our kids and homes and husbands. We have opinions and arguments and BRAINS in our heads and we like to discuss the issues of the day just like anyone else! So when I do, I guess what I'm saying is, "PLEASE COMMENT!" :) And when you do, know that this is a safe environment where your comments are treasured, valued and spur me on to thinking in a different way a lot of times.

Your feedback means the world to me!
Love you blog friends!!!!

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  1. Well, I must say I was totally shocked to read that you are indeed highly opinionated (insert sarcastic laugh). Ya' know what? It's your blog and you're entitled to your opinions on whatever subject you decide to blog about. I may or may not agree with you, but I'm not gonna' argue with you. Maybe present my opposing view, but not try to change your view or opinion. Now granted everyone doesn't feel this way. Some people are just naturally argumentative and seem to take whichever side of the issue stirs up the most strife. So be it. That's just the world we live in.

    And all of us have some 'sides' that may or may not shock and surprise others. I may even have one or three. So keep on posting and I'll keep on reading. And maybe even throw in my point of view.

    Now that's just my opinion of course. Have a good day.

    Ron Jones, aka The Former Donut Junkie


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