Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A "Full Circle" Moment...from Hallmark to SendOutCards!

I was commenting on a blog friend's post over at "I'm Heading Towards My Destiny," about Scentsy's wickless candle bars and how she's in love with them. That sort of triggered a memory for me about how at my very first job, at a Hallmark store, we used to burn those Yankee Candle tarts all day long and the whole store always smelled like honeydew melon. We sold a ton of those! They were so yummy!

But that memory got me thinking...

"Wait a minute...I OWN a card store!"

It's funny how the universe works sometimes. But yeah, that first job when I was a senior in high school has led me to the place where I am now. Now, I actually own my very own greeting card business! Now, it's not what you might think. I don't own a Hallmark Store...goodness no! Did you know that it costs like $500,000 in capital to open up a Hallmark store? My store cost less than $500! But that aside, I remember really loving that job. I hated bending over for hours putting cards back in place after people had messed them all up and put them back in the wrong spots. I have still found myself "straightening cards" over the years when I'm standing there and see that they're out of place! But there were so many things that did love that turned me into a "card person." I loved reading through all the cards and thinking, "Oh this would be perfect for so and so..." Or when a customer would come to check out and smile as they thought about how much the person they cared about was going to love that they thought enough of them to send them that card.

It really is a joy to send and give cards to people. It's one of those things that never goes out of style and always delivers on positivity and joy!

But I don't find myself down those card aisles much anymore. I have found a much better, more cost effective, time efficient way to send my cards. Like I said, I have my own store! And instead of driving to the nearest Hallmark or drug store, I can just log onto my "virtual card store" and pick out one of 15,000 cards, or make my own personalized card. And it doesn't cost $2.99 or $5.49 like retail cards...they cost anywhere from $.63 to $.93...yeah, that's it! Cool huh?! (and the best part is, I get paid to do this! When was the last time Hallmark gave you even a nickel for sending one of their cards? Just sayin.)

And I'm not talking about an e-card either. The way it works is, I log on to my site that I own, I pick out a card, personalize it, click the "SEND" button and the company prints, stuffs, stamps and mails it for me and I never even had to leave my house! I just think this is totally cool and am amazed at how I've come "full circle!" From working in a card store, to owning one and sharing this system with others!

So, let me share with you!

Hardly anyone has ever even heard of SendOutCards (my card company) because it is a relatively new company. So the way I share with people about this amazing service, is to let them log on and send a free card, on me, to try it out. If they like it, they can share with anyone who asks, "Hey have you ever heard of that SendOutCards thing?" And they can say, "Yes, I've tried it out and it's so cool! I have a friend that does that, you should check it out." Or you may love it so much that you purchase the system for yourself and become a customer or a business owner. That's up to you. But my goal is to just get as many people to try it as possible. I want SendOutCards to become a household name, I believe in it that much!

Isn't this just a gorgeous card? I made it as a keepsake of my daughter's 2nd birthday.
And it only cost $1.24!

So please, trust that there are absolutely no strings in sending your free card. No one's going to bother you or call you or hound you over it. Blech! That is sooo not my style! I really do just want you to send a card. To put positivity out into the world, and to experience how fun and easy this system is. So go on...don't be shy, SEND A CARD ALREADY! LOL

Go to my virtual card store and visit my site to send your free card. You'll be glad you did (and the person you send it to will as well!)

Thanks for helping to change the world, one card at a time!


  1. I still feel so blessed by that card you sent me last month. It is still sitting above my computer and I have thought many a time of checking out this business. I am so glad you have found something you love to do!

  2. Beautiful card! Did you make her cake, it's beautiful?

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Angie! Your daughter is a cutie! =)

  4. Hey angie! Thanks for you stopping by my blog. What a fun little business you have- I LOVE cards. Whenever I see ones that I like I just go ahead and get them because it's so hard to find cute ones.

  5. Hi Angie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Took a quick peek at your new home pics and I am LOVING that rust color!!

  6. Hey Angie,

    The card you sent me still hangs on the wall above my desk. Thank you again for the inspiration. I hope your business takes you everywhere you want to go.


  7. Thank you for the comment! What cute cards! I am not creative at all so I admire anyone that is!


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