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I saw Beth at The Imperfect Housewife do a post on going to her prom back in the 80's and was inspired to post pics of my 90's proms in all their sequined fabulousness!

1981 Fall Festival
Prince and Princess

This wasn't exactly a prom, but it was the first time I ever got to dress up in a fancy dress! And does my hair qualify as a mullet? Please tell me no! It's actually pulled back and my bangs (which go all the way around my head obviously were curled under with a curling iron). I remember my mom working on my hair that morning because she knew pictures were going to be taken.
I was in Kindergarten and was voted by my class to be on the homecoming court for our elementary school's Fall Festival. The little guy beside me was so short that even sitting, I was taller than him. His name was Paul David (I always loved that name) and he is a twin. He and his brother's birthday is the day before mine. So, that was always a special thing the 9 years we were in elementary school together!

1991 "Mystical Treasures of Love"

Now, am I FABULOUS or what?
And sparkly!
Ah to be a teenager again!

The thing at my high school back in the early 90's was the full sequined gown! My parents couldn't afford the 800 bucks for a prom dress, so she decided to break out the sewing machine and make me one herself. She soon found out that cutting and sewing through sequins on a sewing machine wasn't all that easy! We found little blue sequins around our house for YEARS after! But it turned out really beautiful!
This was my freshman year and I was invited by a senior to go as friends to his prom.

Man that is some AWESOME hair! I must have teased it for HOURS and used half a can of Aqua Net that night! Oh, and a corsage just would never do for OUR proms. You had to have a full on BOUQUET like you were walking down the aisle or something! I remember my date, Mike, mentioning that it cost like $80 or something, and feeling kind of bad.

I'll never forget that prom because I had so much fun and laughed so much with my date and my friends because we all had a really goofy sense of humor! And I got to go be with all my best girlfriends who were seniors when I was a freshman So it was kind of my last "hoorah" with them.
So, I'll always be thankful to Mike for taking me so that I could have that memory with them! It was a great night!

My best girl friends Lisa, Michelle, Tonya and Kelly...and also Cindy, who's not pictured.

Junior Prom 1993
"Paradise ????" (forget the title)

This was my junior prom and my date and friend, Sean. I wanted a short, fun dress that year. It wasn't as "sequinized" as the previous dress.

Senior Prom 1994
"Tale as Old as Time"

"Tale as Old as Time?" Cheesy, yes, but the decorations really were beautiful. Our school always went all out in transforming the gymnasium into a GORGEOUS room.
My mom made this dress as well. It was beautiful black velvet with white pearls sewn on the sleeves. It was gorgeous, but it was like an OVEN in that dress! I was sooo hot and sweaty all night. My date, Jondale was my boyfriend at the time. After having been to two previous proms with just friends, I soooo wanted to go the prom with an actual "boyfriend," so that was fun.

It's funny actually. My husband Bobby was at this prom too and he had a crush on me at the time (well, all the time). He came over to my table and started talking to me and taking video. We still have it and I cringe every time I watch it because I sound like a big dork!

So that was a look at my formals and proms through the years. Thanks for the memories!


  1. OHHHHHH, I just picked my chin up off the floor ~ you sequined, sparkly jewel you! Those are absolutely priceless and I just love the hair, girl! I always thought it was amazing how a gym can be turned into such an amazing sight for a dance - it's still true only nowadays these kids wouldn't think of having a prom in their gym - it's always some fancy place. Give me a break! The other school dances are still in the gym.

    I look at the pictures of myself and remember thinking how FAT I was back then ~ and I was a size 8/10. Wish I was that "FAT" now! You look absolutely amazing and really really beautiful. That part about you hasn't changed - you're still beautiful! Thanks for the share and those great memories ~ ♥

  2. Love the tour through time!!!
    I wish I had my highschool body...but not my hair...It was rather high!!!

  3. I went to the same high school as you, but a few years earlier! I should post my 1972 BHS prom picture! I can't remember the theme of the prom, but we did have the band Exile play...that was before they were famous!!I wore a green long gown with a Victorian look, no one wore anything remotely "sexy" then, just sweet & demure! Thanks for making me think of BHS proms...

  4. Look at you all dressed up and looking fancy! Thanks for taking us back through your Prom to see you at a teenager! You have the same gorgeous smile!

  5. Oh how fun! You look gorgeous and wow, your mom did an awesome job with those dresses! Everybody wants to look beautiful at their prom, and I must admit that I would have loved a sparkly dress!


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