Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Best Day of the Year!

On this day (May 12th...I realize today is the 11th...I just couldn't wait!), 2 years ago, God gave me the gift my heart had been longing for; my baby daughter Gabriella Joy.

Since she came into the world, I've discovered a different part of myself...that I LOVE being a mother! She is the perfect compliment to her father and I. She made us a family.

She's funny, wiggly, curious, loves to take things apart and put them back together, loves to watch cartoons, play in the dirt, pick flowers (and try to eat them), she loves to laugh and loves to dance! She is good-natured, compassionate and very loving. She gives her daddy and I kisses and hugs and even pats our backs and says, "Oh my mommy" or "Oh my daddy." She's also strong willed and knows what she wants. But if she's told no, for the most part, she accepts it and moves on without a tantrum or fuss.

I couldn't have hand picked a more perfect fit for us. God outdid Himself when he blessed us with our JOY! Thank you Father for trusting us with this precious gift! We love you!

Here are some pics of G's first 1 year. I was going to do the first 2 years, but the first year included over 30 pics, so I decided to break it up. I'll do the second year in a couple of days.

Just a few hours old.

Like a baby doll...

First bath...not so fun!

Starting to enjoy bath time!

First time swimming in a big pool!

First pigtails...cracked me up!

Fall '08
Pigeon Forge, TN

Halloween mouse! So cute!

Cousin Ashley feeding Gabby
Thanksgiving '08

Big blue eyes

First snow...

Christmas '08
Baking cookies at Grammy's house

Starting to pull up and stand alone...

Getting ready for her baby dedication service with Grammy...

Spring '09

1st Birthday!!!!

2nd birthday pics to come!!!!


  1. Sweet baby! I can't believe how much hair she's always had! My kids are always bald as peaches until they're at least 1.

    Happy Birthday Gabby!

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous! Happy birthday to your precious angel!

  3. Such a pretty baby! Such pretty, and abundant, hair!!!

  4. I am so jealous of that full head of hair! My daughter will be one this week and still only has a itty bitty bit!


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