Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gabby's 2 Year Old Princess Party

She had a ball!

Her Grammy (she calls her "May") made this dress for my niece for a flower girl dress. We decided it would be lovely as G's princess dress.

Here they are eating some jelly beans out of ice cream sundae glasses that I used on the table.

The decorations....

Each chair had a wand and a bow. Both came from the Dollar Tree...total cost, about $1.50

Table cloth, paper crowns and the hanging thingies from the chandelier all came from Hobby Lobby. Not sure how much it cost...I stopped keeping track by the time I bought this stuff! But I love the iridescent purple and the hanging crowns and castles added just the right touch.

And THE CAKE!!!!

It turned out sooo pretty! It was a lot of work decorating it myself (blog post to come), but it was worth it! And I think Gabby tried to sneak a taste or two!

We had lots of activities. My cousins let me borrow their Fisher Price bouncy house and the kids loved it! My sister-in-law Deana agreed to do face painting. She's so talented and the kids had a blast with that! And We decorated sugar cookies. That was a big hit and I think I will do it again because it was so easy and took up a chunk of time. LOL But they also played in the yard, in the sandbox and in the little playhouse. It was sooo much fun!

Here are some pics of the fun!

Aunt Charis

Cousin Zoe

Cousin Alex

Cousin Ashley got a pretty little butterfly!

Cousin Christian

Gabby loved decorating cookies!

And so did Ashley...

My sister Amy helping out her son, Alex.

Bouncy fun!

Nana and P. Paw

Time to blow out your candles...

Time to eat cake!

Let's open presents! Zoe helped...

Love from Daddy...

It was a great 2nd birthday! Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate our little Gabriella!


  1. That is ADORABLE - every last bit of it!!! That cake is just amazing! That girl is surrounded with lots of love, I can tell ~ ♥

  2. I can't believe you baked that cake! Unbelievable! Maybe you should open a caking decorating business!

  3. Beautiful cake...I'm impressed! The party looks lovely, and G is adorable!!

  4. Love your hubby's crown, haha! What an awesome party and that cake is amazing. Can't wait to read the tutorial!

    Hey, have you ever thought of putting your SAHMBIE blog on your profile? Just a thought. I don't have the Five Mom's blog on mine, but that's because there are five of us.

    ~ Nan

  5. Fun, fun, fun! Judy just loved Gabby in that dress....and she's still going on about that beautiful cake you made. You've now been officially dubbed "Queen of Cakes"!

  6. WOW!!! What a party for one precious little girl! Love how you even had face painting for the older ones. She looks like a real live princess Angie!

  7. aw, princess gabby is beautiful. what an amazing party. she'll never forget it!


  8. hi my daughter is turning one in jan and i LOVE the cake how did u do it! any info would be helpful thanks


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