Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Bulletin Board Project

I bought a regular old bulletin board a long time ago to keep at the desk at my old house. My intentions were to turn it into one of those French picture boards that are so cute. But after spray painting it white, I never got around to finishing that project.

I really needed a place to hang a calendar, so I decided to hang my white bulletin board in the kitchen to give me a place to put a calendar and other notes. But the white just looked weird.

So I decided to make it a little more exciting by attaching some wine bottle corks that my hubby had been saving. With that idea in mind, I decided to spray paint it black, and add some color.

Here are my materials...
I tried hot-gluing the grapes to the board, but they were too heavy and didn't stay adhered. So, I used some small nails and affixed a couple of the grapes to the board. Then I just stapled on some purple scrapbook paper and hot-glued on the corks...

And here's the finished product. I love the purple against the orange wall. All I need now is a calendar! Too bad it's not so easy to find one in the middle of April! LOL


  1. Angie
    That looks fantastic!!!
    I love the color~~
    Did you know that I have the same plaid curtains in my living room???
    Too funny!

  2. I LOVE That!!!

    I have so many corks-I have waited for the right project-this is way cool!!!

  3. Angie that is so beautiful! You are so creative. Hope you're doing well. When are you coming back down this way? :0)

  4. you've gone four months without a calendar? i'd lose my mind!
    this is a really crafty accomplishment--i absolutely love the purple-on-orange look!

  5. Very pretty and creative! Now I wish I had corks.


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