Friday, January 15, 2010

New Look For My Treasured Window

If you've followed my blog since the summer, you might remember me coveting the windows on the other side of my neighbor's fence.

I had seen people use them for decorating, and loved it and wanted to try it myself. They ended up giving me 3 old windows and a friend from church gave me another one. I hit the old, wooden window jackpot!!!

I've only used one so far, leaving the chippy white paint, and adding some color with scrapbook paper. But I've always loved Angie's black window over at The Happy Homebody so, I decided to paint my window and put a coordinating fabric behind it. Here's the before and after.

This was how I displayed it at was so cute.

So here is the "After" in black.

When I get everything together, I'll post more pictures of my living room so you can see all of my projects...still working on a couple more!


  1. It looks so good! I feel honored to be "copied"!

  2. Very cool! Isn't it amazing how doing something crafty & changing the look of your house can bring such joy? I just love doing things like that. Have fun!

  3. I thought it was cute how you did it for Christmas and then I seen the picture of it painted black! I love it painted black! It just makes it pop more.

  4. I have a love of old windows too! I did a post last summer on some that I decorated... the possibilities are endless! Yours is lovely! Nice to meet you!

  5. ohhhh P.S. here is my window link if you want to see my post! Many blessings, jennifer


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