Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Kids, Act Your Age!

Can I just share one of my biggest pet peeves with you?


Let me first say that I almost NEVER criticize how people parent. I believe in freedom and that we should be able to raise our children as we see fit without a whole lot of criticism and judgment from others. It's none of my business what you do, unless you're seriously abusing your child. Then, it would be wrong if I never did anything about it. But for the most part, I don't form opinions about others and the way they raise their kids.

But I'm going to let loose here and vent about an experience I had today when these prepubescent boys were putting my fragile little baby girl in danger! I have a real problem with parents who allow their children to do this...

I can't stand when I take my 20 month old to the mall, to those enclosed play areas for toddlers and small children, and there are big, rowdy, usually unchaperoned (and sometimes they are chaperoned...this bugs me the most) kids running and jumping around, amidst all these toddling babies and rambunctious preschoolers! Now, I can take it if there are a couple of 5 or maybe even a 6 year olds on the loose. But when there are 12 year old boys running and leaping and chasing each other and jumping over babies, this just infuriates me!

What makes me the angriest is when these parents, who actually have some toddlers running around, also allow their older child to do the same. You may ask, "Well, do you expect the older sibling to just sit there and watch while their little brother or sister plays? That's not fair." Well, yes I do expect them to. For one thing, it's posted very clearly on the "rules poster" that children over the age of 4 are not permitted in the play area. So, you're teaching your children to disobey the rules? You know, there are reasons for rules. One of which is, your big footed, 100 pound 12 year old running and jumping around could seriously hurt my unknowing little 20 month old baby! Parents, don't you have any common sense?

Just to let you know, there is NO ONE in that whole play enclosure that is just totally fine with your big ol' kid rowdily playing around their small child, ok? We are all seething underneath and whispering under our breath about you and why in the world you'd allow your child to do that. We are all giving you and your child dirty looks and just daring them to step on our baby, cause then all hell's gonna break loose! It's not totally fine, ok? It's wrong and inconsiderate and you need to tell them that they need to act their age and sit their butt down! Now, I have seen some older siblings carefully following alongside their little baby brothers and sisters, assisting them on the toys and making sure they don't run out of the enclosure, etc. And if they do forget, and get a little carried away, their parent jumps right in and reminds them that they're too big for that. I love seeing this! The older kids, acting their age and their parents acting like adults. But in my experience, the parents that allow this are for the most part on their phone or texting. They could care less what their child is doing. This is so selfish and bad parenting. Not only are you not watching your little one, you're not watching to see what the older one is doing. Or they just aren't present at all. Their kids are free to run around the mall unsupervised and they think it's just hilarious to kick off their shoes and romp around with the babies. Well, it's not going to be hilarious when one of them seriously hurts a baby, and your butt winds up in court.

So be an adult, be a parent, be considerate, have some common sense, teach your children to follow rules and don't allow your older children to play in the toddler play area!

Thank you.


  1. Hey Angie!

    I'm with you there girl! I almost hate to admit it that I don't shop at the mall so I have no idea if our mall has anything like that. But I have seen older kids running around doing things they shouldn't and their parents letting them do it.


  2. i totally agree this happens at our local park, and most the time the big kids are high schoolers who should KNOW better and they are on bikes or skateboards in a clearly marked NO SKATEBOARDS OR BIKE zone.. and I just tell them HEY.. get your rude disrespectful butts out of here before you hurt MY baby and i have to hurt you..

  3. I am in total agreement with you!!

  4. Oh Angie this reminds me of a time J.J had the kids and he took them to the mall to do the same thing. He came home infuriated. He said a whole group of moms were talking and not watching their kids at all. Not even a glance here and there. They would knock into Elaina and Zoom past her from all directions. ANd whenever Elaina would go to play with something this one boy in particular would say "No! I'm playing with that!" So Elaina would leave it and go to something else and the boy would do the same thing. J.J Got so mad at just watching these moms just sit there and talk not paying a bit attention to their kids. So he said really loud, "that's o.k Elaina their parents haven't taught them how to act nice, but you KNOW we don't act like that." Elaina said, "yeah Daddy. . . we don't act like that." He said that some of the parents that WERE watching their kids just smiled and one of the other parents that wasn't watching heard and came over and told their child to calm down. Then she went right back over and started talking and laughing again and what did her child do?. . . Of course! J.J just got the kids and left. What a shame.

  5. Unfortunately I guess you have to start saying something to other people's kids, since their parents aren't going to do it. If the parents get mad, you can always point at the rules and say, "they shouldn't even be in here in the first place".

  6. Retailers depend on your dollars. Put your thoughts into a letter and send it to the mall management.
    If you must go to a mall just so your child can play, you are reinforcing to your child that it is okay to surround yourself with consumerism and to accept the behavior of others when you obviously disagree with it.


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