Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chocolate Face

My child REALLY likes Nutella! Well, Mommy REALLY likes Nuttella if you want to know the truth! Today we were eating small shortbread cookies dipped in Nutella. And you can see what happened. Into the bath with you, little one!

Even with a chocolate face, she still looks like a super-model with that Cindy Crawford hair!

No matter how clean this beige bathtub is, the water still looks dirty when you take a bath.

I didn't take a picture, but I promise, she came clean! LOL


  1. Hey Angie!

    Your daughter is beautiful! She has beautiful blue eyes. And wow did you fill up the tub for her bath! lol I don't think my 5 yr old boy has ever had a bath in that deep of water. In my defense, we have well water which explains it all! hehehe


  2. She has the most beautiful hair and eyes that I've ever seen on a toddler.

  3. i know i keep saying it but she is the most beautiful little girl ever!!!

  4. That looked like one GOOD snack. You know how adorable your little girl is right? ADORABLE!

  5. Oh you tell her even as an adult all that mess is TOTALLY worth it for Nutella!! I didn't even discover it until I was an adult and I love it! Those pictures are SOOO cute ~ ♥

  6. Ah, what a cutie : )
    I have never tasted Nutella.

  7. How funny!!! Love her chocolate face, and her hair is AMAZING!!!


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