Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Do Babies Love Toilets?

GG's new favorite thing is splashing around in the toilet and leaving a great big giant mess for mama to have to clean up. This morning she indulged again while I was checking email. I had some plastic cups in the bathtub for rinsing out her hair (I can't find where I packed her special hair rinser thingy) which was just too much for her to resist I guess because she took both of them and proceeded to dump cupfuls of water from the toilet on the floor, soaking my new bathroom rugs, and herself.

But the funniest part is (at least to me) that when I stomp in there and say, "What do you think you're doing?" She drops the cups, puts her head down and "baby runs" to her room where she doesn't hide because she knows she's in trouble, oh no. She, in a quick second, devises a plan. She grabs her stuffed Eeyore and brings it to me yelling "E-i, E-i!" This is one of her cute new words. I just know that in her little 18 month old mind, she's thinking, "What cuteness factor can I pull off right now that will make mama forget all about my little romp in the toilet? Oh yes, I'll grab my Eeyore and bring him to her as a present and tell her all about how great it is! That's pretty cute, right? She'll melt when she sees that!" It worked I guess, because she didn't get much of a scolding. I laughed...mostly because I knew exactly what she was up to and it was just funny to me.

So I cleaned all of the toilet water off the floor, changed her soaking clothes and came to the computer to blog about the whole thing. But this time, she's in the gated community that is her room, and is playing happily and safely away from the toilet! Ah...just another day in the life!

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  1. This made me laugh! Jack goes straight to the toilet everytime he climbs the stairs, and I thought it was just a boy thing :) cause Elaina never really seemed interested.


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