Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quick Little Update

Hey everyone! I've really missed you! I just wanted to post a little something to let you know that I'm still here. I haven't been online in weeks, but am happy to say that today we had our cable and internet installed...YAY! Does anyone else think that digital cable and high speed internet is OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE or is it just me? Mine is nearly $100 a month! If anyone out there has any suggestions on cheap cable and internet, by all means, please chime in. We have Time Warner. I've never heard of it (well, of course I've heard of the company with regards to publishing, but I didn't know that they were all up in the cable and internet biz), but I think it's one of the only cable providers in this area. Needless to say, I'm open to suggestions.

So unpacking isn't nearly as sucky as packing and moving for sure! lol I'm enjoying settling into my new digs. We've been here almost three weeks and I like the way Francis puts it in "Under the Tuscan Sun" when she says to take your time moving in, and introduce yourself slowly to your new place. That's what I'm doing...taking it slow. No pictures on the wall yet, no decorating or tablescaping (joke...I don't "tablescape"), just kind of trying to feel at home here...slowly, but surely.

We just got carpet installed yesterday in 2 of the bedrooms (the master has laminate flooring). It replaced a truly hideous dark brown, early eighties style, plush carpeting which reaked of cigarette smoke. Oh yes, and that's another thing. Buying a house from folks who smoked in it every day for eighteen years has been an experience in itself. I didn't smell it much when I took my first and second tour, but living in it now, I've definitely noticed the smell. It kind of burns my nose at night. My husband brought in some sort of machine that they use at the hotel to "desmoke" a non-smoking room that someone has smoked in. It helped, but the house smelled like hotel air freshener for a few days. But I will say that painting some of the rooms and installing new carpeting has helped. I wonder how long it will take for "our smell" to infuse our home? You know what I'm talking about. Every family home has it's own distinct smell. Our family smell is that of day lilies and honeysuckle. LOL Just kidding. It's more like, dirty diapers and frying oil mixed with a little bit of lemon Pledge. And don't forget the ever delightful scent of cigarette smoke as the pleasant little cherry on top! : )

Well, my "quick little post" turned into several long paragraphs. There's just so much I want to tell you. And I can't wait to read about what you've been up to. It's going to take weeks to catch up with all ya'll in blogworld. It's good my hubby's out of town this week for more training. You guys can keep me company! I'll keep ya posted on my unpacking progress as well as post some new pics if I can find the box with the little cable thingy that takes the pics from the camera and puts them on the computer. I'm not even going to pretend like I know what that's called or that I was actually organized enough to put it in a box that I can readily put my hands on. Haha...yeah right! Catch ya later!


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad the unpacking is going better than the packing and moving. How's Gabby enjoying her new place?

  2. TWC also has digital phone in a lot of areas. So you can usually get a "bundle" (Cable, High Speed Interent & Phone) for a little over $100.

    You can also look through the yellow pages for Interent Service providers in your area and find out if they have cheaper Internet rates.


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