Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brilliant Christmas Gift Idea

Do you ever wonder what to get those members of your family like sisters-in-law, cousin's wives, or co-workers? Well, I was just pondering that very thing and a brilliant idea popped in my head! I think I'm going to try to get everyone a set of reusable shopping bags. I mean, at only a dollar a piece you can get 10 or 12 (which for me is plenty) for under 15 bucks! I don't know about you, but I thought it was a good idea anyway. I've just been getting so disgusted with all the plastic Walmart bags and Kroger bags that I accumulate. They seem to take over the house...they're everywhere! And I feel bad when I throw a big wad of them in the trash. Surely the other moms in my family feel this way?

And if you wanted to up the awesomeness factor, you could add a gift card from the same store, for whatever amount and make it a well rounded gift. You could even decorate one bag all Christmasy and stuff all the others and the card inside with pretty tissue or whatever and make it cute.

So there you go...reusable shopping bags for Christmas. A practical, green gift that someone could actually use. The only problem is, I hope "la familia" doesn't read this post. But I don't think any of them read my blog anyway. If you do...pretend to be surprised at Christmas, K? LOL

Let me know if you have any great, inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas this year.


  1. Hi Angie!

    I just found this blog tonight

    I love it and would like to marry it :-)

    There are some good ideas.

  2. You can take those bags and put some stuff in them besides other bags.

    If you were going to spend $10 on someone - buy them 2 bags (fold one up in the bottom of the other bag) then go to the Dollar Tree and fill the bag with the other $8 worth of stuff. Candy, Pretty picture frame, Loofa sponge, etc.


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