Monday, November 16, 2009

FYI Ya'll...I'm Back!

Hey there fellow bloggers! Just letting you know (again) that I'm back! We finally got our internet hooked up and I've been blogging away. I've done 3 or 4 posts so far...trouble is, hardly anyone's commenting. This makes me so sad. I didn't want ya'll to forget me : ( Thanks faithful friend, Amusing Redhead for your comment. Oh, and my friend the Former Donut Junkie was happy to see me back online.

I'm another one of those comment fiends. Well, it's not like I had a million followers before...or even 20. One actually dropped off over my 3 week absence (what's up with that?). But when I don't even get one comment...I start feeling all icky.

So please...cure me of this ick. Comment on some posts...please? I need some blog love.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'll be following you! :)
    The instraments-
    I picked up a old violin at a junk store,
    and a trumpet at a garage sale...(and that works!), I "borrowed" my dad's old flute...I then got a free piano from my sister-in-law that works perfectly!
    (God was Good-we LOVE music here, too-)

  2. Back again with another answer! :)
    The words on the wall are vinyl sayings. You can find them at Target, JoAnne's or Hobby Lobby-Very, very easy to put up!!!

  3. Hey Angie, I've recently picked up my blog and dusted it off and plan on posting again. I've missed it. It's good therapy. Also think I may expand its scope from just talking about the low-carb nutritional lifestyle to talkin' about whatever I want to. Not sure how that'd go over but I may give it a whirl 'cause I don't want to have 3 or 4 blogs to juggle.

    Anyhow, at one time I had maybe 20 or 30 pretty solid 'followers' and some already commented on my first new post. There are some other ways of generating readers as well, so maybe we can collaborate on ways of building readership.

    Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

  4. Can I be the current donut junkie??



  5. No you cannot be a donut junkie. You need to be a good example.

  6. I will comment on your posts if you will comment on mine! :o)

    I had to start a blog party to get any comments! (Well it wasn't so much about me.....)


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