Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Do People Hurt Kids?

It's hard for me to watch anymore. It seems like every few weeks the news reports that another child has come up missing, or a little body is found in a shallow grave on the side of the road or dumped down into a rock quarry. And tonight, I'm flipping through the channels and see on Nancy Grace that police found a missing little girl's body off the side of the road, not far from a hotel where she was seen with her abductor on a surveillance video. This child's own mother is charged with human trafficking with the intention of selling her into sexual slavery. This child was 5 years old. You know nothing good came of that man carrying her into that hotel room. And now she's dead.

My God...why?

I have found in my life that when something moves me, that is my little unction and my call from God to pray. The summer that my own baby girl was born, Caylee Anthony came up missing. I watched the coverage everyday and prayed for her and her family. When they found her little body stuffed in a trash bag, buried in a shallow grave, I cried and was very sad for days. Then there seemed to be another and another and another, so much so, that in the past year and a half, I feel like I've seen more stories about missing or abused children then I've ever seen in my life! It seems like there's just this wave of evil taking over, and not even our children are safe anymore. I know I worry about my own baby girl. I think about that verse in the Bible that says, "...woe to mothers of young children in those days." I believe we're in "those days." It really is an evil time. But I know God hears our prayers and they do make a difference because He is faithful.

Although it's hard to be at peace with any of this, I know each of these sweet babies are in the arms of Jesus in Heaven. I find solace in the fact that God says, "...vengeance is mine" and though we may never see it here on Earth, these evil people who hurt children will pay and there will be justice delivered by God Himself. I shudder to think what judgment God would put on them. But it will be no less than they deserve.

Please forgive me for this "heavy" post, but my heart is indeed heavy tonight with a burden for these kids. Please just join with me in praying for the children of the world...that God would protect them and that those children who are abused, neglected, away from home or (Lord have mercy) have been sold into slavery, that He would send people into their lives that can save them.


  1. Angie, this subject weighs heavily on my mind lately too. Abuse/neglect of children has always upset me greatly, but when I became a mother, I found that watching these types of news reports actually made me physically sick. I agree that there seems to be more of these cases all the time, and I just honestly don't understand how people can do such horrible things to innocent children. I believe that we're in "those days" too, and I worry for my daughters. I know that she thinks I'm overprotective, but I'm afraid to even let Bee wait at the bus stop alone, even though I can see her from our sliding door. I always wait until there are other children waiting too, because I figure there's more safety in numbers.

    It's an evil time we live in. I pray for God's protective hand over my children, because there is nothing else I can do.

  2. Your prayers are making a difference, Angie. It all scares me too. We are in a battle that no one can see.


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