Monday, November 23, 2009

Making Your Home Sing

I'm joining up with Nan at "Mom's the Word" for "Making Your Home Sing Monday."

I've explained to her that I'm a big disappointment because I'm a blog doofus that doesn't know how to do all those fancy links back and forth...but I am determined to learn! I feel so left out!

Well, I must first say that I love the idea of making your home "sing" because I am a singer and singing is my "thang ." (please take a listen on my myspace music page) I sing all day long practically. So, my home is filled with joy and music all the time...when it's not filled with clutter and piles of laundry and stacks of dishes and colonies of dust bunnies under every bed! Those times, my house is usually filled with loud grumblings and complainings.

But today, before my hubby was even out of bed, I had gotten the baby up and fed her, washed dishes, wiped down the appliances and washed a load of laundry. Since then, I've hauled out Christmas decorations and have done quite a bit of decorating. Go me! So I guess today, my home is singing Christmas carols! LOL

Have a great Monday ya'll!


  1. Well girl, you not only linked to me but you linked to your page, and they both worked! You have a beautiful voice that God has blessed you with! Wow. I can soooo not sing. I do it anyway though, just not out in public or anything.

    You are rockin' it today! Oh, and a big way to go to hubby for the spa day! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I just read your comment. I assume you mean the little gal holding the cookies? On my left sidebar toward the bottom is her picture, with the MYHSM words on it.

    Just click on that little box below the picture and highlight all the code words (make sure you go all the way down to get them all. Then copy (press "control" and "c" keys.

    Then, you select a new post and go into the post. In the upper right corner (right above the post box) you will see the words "edit html." Click on that box.

    It will take you into Edit Html mode. Then you just put your cursors in the upper left of the box, where you want my meme logo to go, and paste (press the "Control" and "v" keys) the code in there.

    Then, right select the "Compose" key (it will be right next to the edit html one that you previously selected.

    When you get back into the Compose mode, you will see the meme box in there. Then, click on the meme button, and hover your cursor over the little buttons above the post until you find the one that says "Align Center." It's the second one to the right of the link button (the link button looks like a green bug).

    Anyway, click on the "Align center" button and it will move the meme to the center.

    You may need to hit return a couple of times and use the "Align left" button to get your cursor to align to the left if it doesn't go back on it's own.

    It is best to put the meme box in first, and then write your post. That way it won't affect spacing or anything.

    I suggest you just make up a new post, and practice now with putting the box in there. You can also practice with using the toolbar to make your fonts bigger, smaller, or using different colors or italics. Don't be afraid.

    Most everything you write should be in "Compose" mode (it will be in grey if you're in it). Click preview to see how it will all look and click "Hide preview" to get back to regular post mode.

    Do you know about using post options to schedule a post? let me know stuff you want to learn and I'll direct you to where to go for information.

    You want a scrolling button box like I have? Just let me know what you need and I'll help as best I can. It's pretty easy!

  3. I don't mean "right select the Compose key." I mean, look to the right and you will see the "Compose" key. Click on that to get back into compose mode.

    The "edit html" box is where you put in codes. Codes for awards, badges, meme boxes (like mine), pictures, etc. You paste the code info in the "edit html" part.

    Then you switch back to the "Compose" part of it, and you will see the pictures, or the awards, badges, or things like my meme logo.

    Compose is where you do most of your writing of your blog, and edit is where you copy in the codes to show pictures, badges, etc. Feel free to email me with any questions.

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. It's always so great to "meet" new people on the internet. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I love singing, and music too-I always have the Digital Christian station on in our home, and usually singing along as well. What makes me happy is when I see my kids playing, and singing along...I love it!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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