Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adult Acne...What a Great Birthday Present!

Happy birthday to me. What surprise do I wake up to find on this oh so special day? A face full of zits! What's up with that? I've always had very clear skin, especially throughout my 20's and 30's...hardly ever a zit. And for some reason, I'm getting them every week lately...PMS or not.

The funny thing is, I think I'm more self conscious about it now than I ever was at 14! By the time you're 14, you've had a couple of years of dealing with hormone ravaged skin under your belt, so you're pretty used to it. And when you look around, every other girl and guy has a face full of zits too, so you don't feel so bad. But at 34 (yes, I'm 34 today...still on the underside of 40...but not for long), you don't see gals your age with prepubescent acne problems, which is exactly what this feels like! Ughh! But I must confess that I'm not exactly the best at taking care of my skin. I've got Arbonne, Mary Kay, Clinique and Neutrogena products all in my medicine cabinet, but am not very disciplined about my skin care. I think my body's telling me, "Look, you're not 14 anymore. It's time to suck it up and act like you're 34 and take better care of your skin!

I think the solution is to go back on birth control. I don't really want to, but the 2 bonuses would be, #1. It would help clear up my skin and #2. I wouldn't worry about getting pregnant any time soon (well, that would ease my husband's mind more than mine...I don't care if we have another baby or not, but he definitely DOES NOT want another one). I'll be picking those up from the drugstore on Sunday. Happy Birthday to me!

Oh, and waiting for me on GG's changing table this morning was a little gift bag with a card and a cd from her. How did she ever get away from me long enough to go pick out a card and buy me a cd? LOL I think Daddy is behind this one! I'm so glad that he loves me just the way I am...zit faced and all! LOL

Happy Wednesday (my birthday) to you all!


  1. Happy Birthday Angie!

    Don't feel bad about your acne. I have it too, and I blame pregnancy hormones. I'll be 36 in a month, and I think my skin is just as bad as it was when I was 14 (my worse acne year). Interestingly enough, I had clear skin all through high school, and my 20s, but I've had problems in my 30s. I blame the children (they're a convenient, catch-all excuse).

    I too am lackluster about skin care. Someone asked me on my blog, after seeing a candid shot of me wearing no makeup, what I do to keep my skin looking so nice. I was like, "Um...I wash it?"

    Because seriously....that's it. I have moisturizer and everything, but I'm so lazy that I don't bother to put it on half the time. It's pitiful.

    Does your husband never want another baby, or just not right now? Not that it's any of my business. I was just curious.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!


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