Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Makeover on "Mom's the Word"

Finally a contest with a prize I could use! (kidding) But seriously...have you seen my blog? It's cute (well, my picture makes it cute...heehee), but it's just a generic blogger template that a million other people probably have! I could use a blog makeover that really speaks about Angie at "Happily Home." I hope I win! Thanks for doing this giveaway Nan.
I'll be sending "pick me" vibrations your way!

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  1. Grabbing the button is easy. Just go to the top left side of my page and you'll see my button. Underneath is a white box with a bunch of html text on it. Highlight all of the text (make sure you scroll all the way down) and press the "Control" and "C" keys to copy it all.

    Then, while on your page, click on the Customize button. That will take you right into your Layout.

    Click on one of the Add A Gadget boxes, and it will open up a whole bunch of choices.

    Select the "HTML/Java Script" one. Click on the little plus sign on the right. Once in there, you will see a very big white box. Copy the code (Control and V keys) into that box, and then press "Save." It should work. Let me know if you have problems and we'll figure it out.

    While you're in there you can turn on your Labels feature (you'll see it in there) if you want the Labels listed on your sidebar so that people can see things you've blogged about.


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