Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Get Every Last Penny's Worth of "Smell" Out of Your Candles

I just wanted to share a tip with you that I stumbled upon this week. (Oh...and I haven't unplugged my computer yet, so I'm still here)
So, I was looking at this candle (Yankee Candle to be precise) and was feeling very perturbed that there was still like a whole inch of wax left in it, but the wick ran out! I mean, Yankee Candles are expensive and I wanted to get my money's worth, ya know?!

First I thought about putting it in the microwave to melt it and pour the wax out into one of my tart burners. But I remembered the little metal disk at the bottom of every candle that the wick is attached to.
So, metal...microwave...nuh-uh.

So then I decided to fill a little sauce pan up with about 2 inches of water and put the candle inside to melt the wax (I'm sure it would've been fine to put the glass directly onto the metal pan, but I didn't like that idea, so I put a little water in there). I heated the water to boiling first, then turned the heat all the way down to low. The candle melted very quickly, and immediately filled the house with fragrance. I've done this several times this week and the fragrance is still just as strong as the first time I lit the thing. But, Yankee Candles are a very good brand (And look, I didn't buy it, they're too expensive for me. It was a teacher's gift 2 Christmases ago. But I still wanted to get all I could out of it.) and are known for lasting a long time.

So there you go. The next time your favorite candle in a jar runs out, just melt the wax in a pot of simmering water, and you'll have fragrance for weeks.

And just in case you never saw this little mural painted above my stove, I took a picture of it for you. It really is unique and special to me. I'm going to miss it when I move. Luckily the buyer of this house loves it, and wants to keep it. Yay!


  1. Great idea and I so LOVE the mural and thrilled to know that the new home owner will appreciate it too!
    So how is the move going?

  2. The mural is so pretty!!

    Another way to use the candle is to get a little crock pot type of scent warmer. So when I ran out of candle wick I pour the melted wax into the warmer. It hardens when you unplug it.


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