Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And Speaking of Grilled Cheese....

The other day I posted pics of my lunch...a humble grilled cheese sandwich and Goldfish crackers. I just wanted to share a tip with you about how I "grilled" my grilled cheese. I use mayonaise. I know it sounds weird to use mayo instead of butter on the outside, but it is a fat after all and browns the bread beautifully. But I will say that it burns quite a bit more quickly than butter, so don't have the pan "screaming hot" (a la Rachel Ray), or your bread will burn. Grill it at a slightly lesser temp than you would use if you were using butter.

My husband of all people taught me this trick one day when I was complaining that I wanted a grilled cheese, but was out of butter. He said that his family always used mayonaise on the outside of their bread and then grilled it. I had never heard of such a thing and was so proud of him for being so clever!

So the next time you're out of butter, use mayo...it works!


  1. Great tip! Didn't know that. Just read the story of your move and am so glad the Lord is providing for your needs. I know you are so excited!

  2. I've done that before too, and I really like the slightly tangy flavor.

    I'm notorious for burning grilled cheese, no matter what I spread on the bread. I also burn toast. My kids prefer to have Daddy handle these culinary tasks.


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