Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just 19 Days to Go

So here's our new house, just sitting there, waiting for us to make it our home. Isn't it cute? Look at that nice edging (sp?) around the sidewalk! My husband is famous for his lack of enthusiasm for yard work. I hope he can keep the yard looking this nice. I can't wait to show you picks of the back yard when we move! It's incredible!

I looked on the real estate website that I originally found it on yesterday, and the site has already removed this as a listing and all pictures (luckily I have some saved), so the ball's rolling I guess. The trouble is, I'm having trouble letting go of our home here in TN. Although I'm excited, I'm feeling so sentimental right now. I don't want to pack and move anything! But there's just 19 days left before we move...I've got to snap out of this and get a move on!

I'm so excited and a little panicked! I haven't started packing and there's a reason...I don't know where to start! And furthermore, I really don't have any boxes to even put stuff in.

Do any of you have any tips or advice on how to start packing up a house to move. What do I absolutely have to keep around (food is one obviously), and what can I start putting away? Any tips on keeping it all organized?

Seriously...I need help!


  1. Not much help here but your new home is lovely!
    Have you checked the Flylady for her moving control journal?

  2. When we moved I left all my clothes from the closet on hangers and carefully put them in a box so all I would have to do is hang them on the rod in our new closet. I packed one room at a time and labeled every box with what room it was in and/or what room I wanted it to be in. I used mostly small boxes so they would be easy to carry. I also didn't tape up the boxes that I thougth I might need something out of (like kitchen stuff) I've only moved one big time so I don't have much advice. I hope that helped.
    I'm going to miss you, but I'm very happy for you. Your new home is Super cute! I love it!

  3. I packed a few boxes with things I needed at the new house, like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels, a few toys for the kids, bedding, etc. I marked these boxes "Load Last, Unload First" so that we'd have them right away.

    We also assigned two people to set up the beds and make them right away. That way, we had beds to sleep in that night.

    When packing, I numbered each box and wrote a brief inventory of what was in the box. I kept that inventory with me in the car, and that way I knew where everything was. It was so easy to find everything.

    I also wrote what room the boxes were to go in.

    I took a few things with me in the car that were really fragile. We also didn't pack any clothes that were in drawers. We just carried the drawers out with the clothes in them.

    For your hanging clothes you can buy a wooden dowel from the hardware store and just cut holes for the dowel. Then you can just hand your clothes on that. Much faster.

    Anyway, the greatest thing was having the "Load Last, Unload First" boxes, and having the beds set up and made up. Also, we had a few of our kid's favorite toys so we could make their room look like "home!"

    Cute home, and can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Forgot to say that I will be joining you in cleaning my kitchen tomorrow. We were gone most of yesterday and I was gone much of today so now I get to play catch-up tomorrow!

  5. Hi there fellow mover!
    Your home looks beautiful!
    I cannot wait to see all of your decorative touches!
    I am not experienced at moving being that I only live one year away from my childhood home but something I have been doing here is using printer boxes and packing each one and then numbering them so that I could know if it was an important box based on my description on the sheet~
    Hopefully this will make it a bit easier!
    Good Luck!

  6. Your house is so cute! I can't wait to see how it looks when you have it all decorated.


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