Monday, October 5, 2009

Climbing Baby on the Loose!

So I turn the corner and find my baby doing this! She climbed onto the piano bench, and up onto the piano! And what's she putting in her mouth? A pile of loose change I had laying up there!

A pic from the front...she looks so pleased with herself, doesn't she?

Not happy!
So now when mama has to leave the room, this is where babies go when they've been caught climbing on the piano eating loose change!


  1. Oh no!
    Look at that precious little face!
    She is thrilled to be on the piano and then completely devestated to be in the play pin!

  2. Oh, poor baby! She looks miserable in the play pen, which reminds me of Cakes at the same age. She shrieked and screamed every time we put her in there. It's like baby prison!


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