Monday, June 22, 2009

You Never Know Where Treasures Lie

A few years ago a friend gave me a clipping from a wild raspberry bush that was taking over her yard. She didn't know how it got there (she suspected a stray seed from some bird droppings. heehee : ), but she and all the neighbors shared in the bounty, and all harvested the berries for various summer treats! I planted my small plant in early June and had berries by the end of that very same summer. I usually miss out on eating them, because the birds get to them before I do. But this year, I've been keeping an eye out to see when the little ruby jewels would be ready for picking and eating! Today, this is what I picked from my wild raspberry bush. Haha birds, I beat you! And while I was out there picking berries, my eye caught something very interesting by the fence. Now, I rarely go wandering around my yard, it's mostly tree lined and there's just nothing to see. But today, there they were, 3 or 4 white wooden windows! I squinted to see if they were on my side of the fence or my I said, I never go over there. To my disappointment, they were on my neighbor's side. They are leaned against the fence, amongst a pile of trash. Some torn up flooring, some roof shingles, broken baskets, cans...basically trash. Now, I don't care how people keep their yard...they can have all the trash they want, it's their property. But I just couldn't believe these treasures were just sitting there, rotting away!

So here they are, just sitting there, waiting for me to beautify them!

The first time I ever saw someone use windows like this to decorate with was many years ago on a local TV show. The host went with a decorator to a salvage yard and bought 3 of these type windows for about $15 a piece. They took them home, painted them black, and distressed them a little. They used double sided tape to stick on black and white photos, then hung them on the wall. It looked so beautiful and surprisingly contemporary. Ever since then, I've wanted to try this project myself, but haven't seen any windows that were the same as the ones they used...until now!

So I've basically been stalking my neighbors. I've been hanging out on the back porch, just hoping they step outside, so I could just happen to be there, admiring their windows! LOL! I did get up the nerve today to go knock on the front door and ask about them (I took along the baby for support). The worst they could do was say no, right? But alas, no one answered the door. I was so disappointed.

I WANT those windows! Hopefully I can post some good news soon, with some inspired pics of the finished product! So I'll just keep on stalking, I mean inquiring about the windows until I come up with an answer. I hope it's not a "no." : ( All you folks out there who know what a wasted treasure this is, and who know what I'm going through right now, say a little prayer for me! (I know...I'm being a little dramatic!)

Here are a few more
pics of the berries
and the berry bush.Such little jewels! And very sweet!


  1. Girl, I'd want those windows too! Ask them and see what they say. I love old windows 'cause there are so many cute things you can do with them. I will leave out my patriotic stuff probably until the end of July. I haven't put out much yet. I have got to get up in my attic and see what else I have.

  2. Angie -
    I was so happy to see that you stopped by for a visit and want to say Thank You for following my blog. I love meeting new friends :) I see you are new to blogging and want to say WELCOME :) They are many wonderfully talented and inspirational people in Blogland! Please stop by often to visit, I always enjoy the company.


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