Sunday, June 28, 2009

UPDATE:Finally They're Mine!!!

The windows that I've been obsessing about are finally mine! It was almost divine the way it happened. I walked over with the baby (again, for support), prepared to leave a note. But as I walked up, she (my neighbor) was walking out. I introduced myself as did she, and we immediately hit it off, talking about our kids and husbands, hating yard work and our car problems. I even mentioned that we were leaving for St. Augustine, Florida later tonight. And she couldn't believe it because they had just gotten back from St. Augustine! Isn't that amazing! They've lived there for 3 years and I felt ashamed of myself for never having talked to her. I asked her about the windows, and she couldn't give them to me fast enough! They had found them under the house with some other building materials and were just going to haul them off to the dumpster. But the coolest part is, I got those windows for FREE, and made a new friend in the process.

So there you go! I'm going to do a PROJECT! I'll have to think this week about what I'm going to do with them. Maybe I'll paint them black, maybe I'll repaint them white, or maybe I just clean them up and keep the old white paint. But my DH said he didn't want our house to start looking like Sanford and Sons! LOL! I know they'll be beautiful however I decide to use them. I'm so excited...can you tell??!!!


  1. Hi, Angie, glad you got those windows!

    And I absolutely think the beadboard wallpaper would look great in black too. You can paint it any color that works for you. I'm sold on it & plan to do more projects with it. Thanks for stopping by, please come back to see me often!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Have a great vacation!!


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