Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tell Me Somethin' Good!

Do you ever find yourself just begging God for something good because it seems like you've been in a season of BAD for so long?

I have been working on SOMETHIN' GOOD!

(This something should be finished this weekend, then I can share it with you!)

I haven't felt this involved, rejuvenated, inspired or happily busy in a very long time. And it all feels really good. Somehow makes me want to be better all 'round-when I feel like I am contributing with


But just when things feel like they're moving along at a good clip, sure enough, the enemy comes around to knock the wind out of your sails. Am I surprised? No. Should I have been fending off these attacks before they even started through diligent prayer? Yes, I could have been a little more on the defense. But even when I'm not on my best game,


He fights my battles for me. AND HE ALWAYS WINS.

Thank you Lord for being my sword, my shield, my fortress, my strong tower and my advocate. 
I trust you and your plans, completely.

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