Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now THIS is Extreme Face Painting!

I would love to introduce you to my incredibly talented sister-in-law Deana.

I just love her and think all her many talents are just so amazing, so I decided to feature her here on my blog!

She is exactly one year younger than my husband, so they share the same cool is that? 
I think they look so much alike they could be twins.

Deana is one of the most creative people I've ever met. She's done everything from create patterns for, and make her own designer cloth diapers, to learning all the latest trends in hair and make-up and posting how to videos on youtube. She now has over 13,000 subscribers and nearly 3 million page views! Can you even believe that?
I also have to mention, that she is completely self-taught in everything she does. She just tries things that she's interested in and goes for it, practicing and investing time in learning.

She is the perfect example of simply doing the things you love and people taking notice! 
She inspires me!

Here are some of her funky hair-dos....

Minnie Mouse?

Loved when she had the pink streak!

How cool to be able to braid your own fishtail!

And here is an example of one of her youtube "how-to" videos...

I need this tutorial because I just got some Clinique eye shadow that is purple and gold!

But lately, Deana has become very skilled at face painting, not only doing birthday parties and events,

...but also using herself and the family as a canvas for her incredible imagination and talent....

I mean, can you even believe she painted this on herself? 
It looks so real!

We all think this looks like my husband (her brother!)

I call this one, Lalaloopsy gone bad. ha!

She has even been published in the book, "Blue for Autism, Vol. 2"

And let's not forget the kids, who normally look like this...

...but have been turned into everything from snakes, to lizards, to tigers, to Hello-Kitty, to vampires, to rabbits, to zombies to butterflies, as mom practices her craft on their precious little faces. 

Even Dad gets in on the fun...


See...he's not so bad.

See why I wanted to feature my dear SIL? She is amazing! 

But underneath all the make-up, hair and paint, she is as humble as anyone you'd ever want to meet and a wonderful mommy.

I hope you'll check out her youtube channel. She can show you how to do just about any kind of hair or make-up trick you can think of.


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  1. I met Deana when I started crossfire a couple years ago and loved her instantly. She has become a sister to me. She is a wonderful person and God has blessed her with so many gifts. She is one amazing lady.


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