Thursday, July 5, 2012

6 More Months...6 New Goal Areas

There are 6 months left in this year and I'm feeling good and bad. On one hand, I'm really glad that I have accomplished some amazing things that I set out to do the first half of the year. Praise God!

But on the other hand, I'm disappointed with myself that 6 more months have gone by and I haven't done something about a few issues that have been bothering me.

I get bogged down in my brain sometimes with all that I know I need to work on, that I just don't work on any of it. Do you ever feel that way?

But I heard "Mama Joyce": (Joyce Meyer) say on her program yesterday that we should just tell God that we are a mess and need help with everything. But He knows we can't work on it all at once, so we just need to ask Him to point out the one or two areas that He wants us to deal with the most and start working hard on strengthening those weak areas of our lives.

I was like, "One or two things? That's all for now? Why didn't I think of that?"
Thank you Mama Joyce for being such a good mentor and teacher. I learn so much from you!

So, just two areas? That's easy! The two areas that bother me the most are....

1. Taking care of my home and....
2. Taking care of myself (eating right and exercising).
My house suffers (is suffering) when I don't attend to it. And my body suffers (is suffering) when I don't attend to it as well.

My life is so full of needless frustration from not taking care of my house on a daily basis. I'm always wound up and aggravated because I can't find something due to lack of organization. Or exhausted from trying to dig through the ever growing pile at "Mt. Washmore" for matching socks. Or I'm embarrassed and ashamed because my hard working husband comes in from his exhausting day of work only to find that I've done nothing all day. None of these feelings are good for me, nor are they good for the atmosphere of my home. And quite frankly, I'm just tired of feeling like a failure. So, the only one who can change that is me. And change I shall...if it kills me (which it won't!).

And exercise and diet? Guys...I don't know how to say it other than to just say it plainly...I just feel crappy! My joints hurt, I have no energy, my mind is numb and my body just feels old and slow. I know I'm on the downhill slope to 40, but I shouldn't feel 60! Again, I'm just at the end of my rope and tired of not doing something about it. So, I'm making some changes.

There are some other areas that I'm going to focus hard on in the next 6 months as well. But if I do nothing else, I WILL see victory in growing in the top two areas.

GOALS for July-December 2012

1. Home-
            A..Follow through with the "routines" list I made several months ago to develop good cleaning, organizing and maintenance habits and provide structure to my day (I'll share later).
            B. Follow Fly Lady's daily chores (loosely...because, really, there's just so many) like "swish and swipe," "15 minutes of daily decluttering" and "shining your sink before bed" and try to have all chores finished by noon each day.
           C. Will have every room in my home neat, organized and clutter free by December 31st, 2012.
           D. Will begin to partner with my husband in budgeting and become better stewards of the resources                              >God gives us.
           E. Make, at home, all of (or most of) our breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks.
           F. Read at least 1 book a month on homekeeping, organization, etc., and one book on finance and budgeting.

2. Taking care of ME-
                                  A. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet, cutting WAY back on sugar and processed foods and focusing more on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, seeds and grains.
                                  B. Begin taking vitamins.
                                  C. Cut out soda and sugary drinks and drink water.
                                   D. Walk 200 miles in the next 100 days (ending October 12th)
                                   E. Lose at least 50 lbs.(or more) by the end of the year
                                   F. Shower and "clean up" every afternoon, which means, putting on nice clothes, a little makeup, and doing my hair before my husband comes home from work.
                                  G. Begin exfoliating my skin and moisturizing daily (cuz my skin's gettin' old and dry!)
                                  H. Wash and moisturize my face daily.
                                   I. Take better care of my teeth.
                                   J. Be in bed by 11pm
                                   K. Read at least one book a month on healthful eating, exercise, or health and fitness.

3. Husband- 
                  A. Continue to work on the 3 areas of intimacy in our marriage: spiritual, emotional and physical.
                  B. Pray for him daily.
                  C. Focus on serving him by maintaining a calm, peaceful home and providing for his needs.
                  D. Plan 2 creative date nights a month (he is in charge of the other two).
                  E.. Read at least one book a month (hopefully together) on marriage.

4. Daughter-
                   A. Start eating all meals with her at the table (instead of in front of the TV)
                   B. Read the Bible to her in the mornings during breakfast. (love this idea Sarah Mae)
                   C. Start homeschooling her in the Fall using a Kindergarten curriculum (she may be 4, but she's way past preschool lessons...the child can read now).
                   D. Pray for her daily.
                   E. Join my husband in putting her to bed and praying with her before she goes to sleep.
                   F. Exercise with her 60 minutes a day (playing outside, swimming, taking a walk, dancing, playing active games on the Wii, etc.)
                   G. Be intentional in training her to take care of herself (keep her room clean, pick up after herself, help mommy with chores, dress herself completely, brush her teeth correctly twice a day, help in making simple snacks and lunches, etc).
                   H. Ween her off of sugary drinks and snacks.
                   I. Start making her "sneaky snacks and foods" using recipes from Deceptively Delicious. She won't eat many vegetables, but I can make fruit and vegetable purees and "hide" them in her food. haha!
                   J. Read one book a month on raising Godly children.
5. Spiritual Life
                        A. Read the Bible, pray, worship and meditate on Jesus first thing in the morning, at least one hour.
                        B.Study areas in the Bible as the Spirit leads. Right now, I feel a leading to study the "love walk."
                        C. Continue to remain in community with my Life Group.
                        D. Continue to attend my church, Quest and serve there as the Lord leads.
                        E. Fast and pray one day a week for my daughter, my marriage, the leaders in my church and for my country.
                        F. Read one book a month on an area in my life that needs growth. Right now, they should be books on discipline.

6. Passions-
                  A. Continue to work at and actively pursue, with excellence, my four passions (areas of interests, gifts and talents) in life that make me the happiest and most fulfilled: singing, writing, studying and talking about the Word, and giving.
                  B. Attend at least one training conference that focuses on one of these areas.
                  C. Read one book a month on one of these areas.

Stay tuned! I'll be giving you the highs and lows each week as I move forward to CRUSH OUT 2012 in victory!

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