Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 26-The Need Is Urgent!

I just got an email from Life Outreach International explaining that right now, the need in South Sudan is urgent.
Please watch these videos, one from James Robison and one from one of the missionaries right there in the field. The children are literally climbing over top of one another to get food.
Watch here.

This just breaks my heart.

If you'd like to donate right now, go to my $30 for 30 Days website to donate any amount online here.
My project is set up to help children in the Sudan specifically, so if you give, your gift will go straight to them.

Thank you so much and keep praying that God will bless our giving. I'm not sure where my dollar is coming from today, but I know God will provide to those with open hands who are ready to give it right back.

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